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Tagline: Beautiful handmade and handcrafted bridal jewellery

Head to Toe Jewels is an Australian jewellery and accessories business specialising in beautiful handmade and handcrafted bridal jewellery which transcends seasons is memorable and infinitely wearable.


Handmade in the UK (and sold extensively throughout Europe and the USA) each glamorous piece is lovingly created from start to finish using genuine Swarovski pearls and crystals.

From back jewellery and dress embellishments and barefoot sandals & shoe clips to combs, drapes and pins, each piece can be customised to suit the most fashionable bride. They also offer bespoke design services, assisting those wishing to have their ideas and concepts fabricated into fashionable creations.

Their extensive collection is showcased in their online shop, enabling customers to easily choose and purchase their desired piece.

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Phone: 0417666559

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