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Obrien Road, Highfields QLD 4352, Australia, Toowoomba + Darling Downs

Weddings need a stunning venue like the Highfields Cultural Centre to immortalise the moment.

It boasts of a highly personalised and professional crew, led by a designated wedding planner and decorator.

The Highfields Cultural Centre’s piece de resistance is an immaculately tailored garden highlighted by tall trees. From here, you can arrange for an outdoor ceremony with adequate seating for all of your guests. Be prepared for weather changes by arranging for the ceremony to be held at a smaller room.

The Centre’s Peter Rorke Auditorium is a sight to behold when you look upon your dream reception venue for the first time. You’re treated to a fully air-conditioned place packing a vast floor area, a fully equipped sound system, and cavernous ceilings with theatrical lighting systems to ramp up the atmosphere. The Centre’s reception package gives you ample options to provide space for your guests. You can draft a custom table seating plan, use the bar/garden area as a pre-dinner location, and the foyer can be a wonderful place for your wedding pictures.

Planning your reception’s menu is not a problem at Highfields Cultural Centre. The in-house catering team can provide a whole range of meals plus custom offerings to account for guest concerns. Even better, you can arrange for your photographer and DJ to take a break and partake of the sumptuous occasion.

The Highfields Cultural Centre has a sterling reputation to back it up. It’s reaped gold accreditation from the Australian Bridal Industry Awards and Designer of Dreams from 2010 to 2015 for Nominee and Finalist in ceremony or reception venue, function co-ordinator, and wedding advisor.

When you’ve decided to take the next step, doing it in a special venue makes it all the more important. Book your date at the Centre today!

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