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Pacific Pines QLD, Australia, Gold Coast

In just one hour you can get a whiter brighter smile. Kylie Taylor Teeth Whitening offers cool blue LED teeth whitening treatments at their peaceful home-based salon. The clinic in Pacific Pines can treat up to four people at any one time. Great for brides, mums, and bridesmaids!

There are few occasions in your life where you will be smiling more than on your wedding day, so you’ll want to make sure your pearly whites are in fact pearly white.

Our modern diets, which often feature maybe one too many cups of tea or coffee, mean that our teeth can be discoloured over time without us noticing.

You may have your hair and makeup as your beauty priorities, but Laser Teeth Whitening will make all the difference in your wedding photos.

Laser Teeth Whitening offers fast results that are much more effective than over-the-counter whitening products, removing staining and mineral build-ups on your teeth.

You’ll notice the difference after just one one-hour session with a Laser Teeth Whitening cosmetic dentist, who will apply a highly concentrated agent to the exposed surfaces of your teeth. The agent reacts with the laser light, helping to break down stains faster in the enamel layer.

Before the procedure, your cosmetic dentist will also perform an in-depth analysis into the stains on your teeth, tailoring the type of treatment you’ll need.

Depending on the staining of your teeth, you may require repeat sessions for the best results. Many patients don’t feel anything during the teeth whitening procedure, whereas some feel a slight tingling sensation.

Contact Kylie Taylor Laser Teeth Whitening today for more information – it’s a short procedure that really pays off.

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