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Tagline: Bespoke and made-to-measure tailored suits for the modern groom
Level 6, 180 Queen St, Brisbane, Brisbane

The Cloakroom is one of Australia’s pre-eminent tailors, crafting bespoke and made-to-measure clothing for grooms.

The Cloakroom philosophy is forged on the belief that clothing is an extension and expression of who you are - that it speaks to our tastes, our values and our ideas.

Founded in 2007, the Cloakroom now spans stores in Brisbane, Melbourne, Montreal and Tokyo.

Characterised by a dedication to artisanal quality, Cloakroom garments are tailored by the finest craftsmen. Utilising unrivalled fabrics, each finished garment carries its own unique story and lets the wearer express and define who they are.

The perfect suit for your wedding day is as individual and unique as you are. While some may love the timeless look of a classic navy 3-piece suit, you might prefer the more effortless nonchalance of a cream linen jacket. Whatever it is that you are looking for for your wedding day, the team at the Cloakroom are dedicated to making your perfect wedding suit a reality.

The Cloakroom also specialises in creating tailored ensembles for large (or small!) wedding parties. The Cloakroom’s showrooms are generous spaces designed to welcome fiancée, groomsmen, friends and family to help make it a memorable experience.


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