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The Flower Factory

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9 High Ridge Rd, Gaven QLD 4211, Australia, Gold Coast
Contact Information
Phone: 07 5561 8018

When you need flowers as wedding mementos that stand the test of time, The Flower Factory is the place to set that ball rolling.

The Flower Factory specialises in the freeze-drying of flowers by processing them in a special container device. The team first takes a picture of the item as delivered to the shop and dismantled. It is stressed that the flowers be put in a durable mail parcel box with tissue paper or newspaper as inner lining.

The flowers will be separately rehydrated and pre-treated before sent to the freeze-drying machine. The machine operates on a vacuum to remove all moisture from the flowers over the course of two weeks. The result is the flowers retaining their original shape, which will be further preserved when the team uses wire steads to rebuild the original item before being put in a special 3D shadow frame backed up with UV-resistant glass.

Several leading florists in Queensland can also be hired to send your bouquet to The Flower Factory for further processing, especially when you’ve chosen one of them to supply the florals for your wedding! You only need to send the bouquet within a few days of the wedding.

The Flower Factory also works on preserving your wedding dress in addition to the flowers. As a member of the Prestige Preservation Programme, the company thoroughly cleans the entire garment of stains and body oils before putting it in a special storage chest. Comprising an outer and inner box, the chest has advanced lining sheets that protect the gown from mould, mildew, and other substances that could degrade it over time. The main box is also vacuumed of oxygen and pumped with inert gas. You can still see it through a viewing window that blocks UV rays. Such an option may entice brides who would like to pass down their wedding gowns to a future daughter.

Call the Flower Factory today, and see your moment frozen in time.


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