Happy Herbs – Bring an unexpected touch of tradition and a little herbal magic into your wedding flowers

Flowers // by Meagan Lawrence

They may not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think about floral arrangements for your wedding, but herbs have been a traditional part of the bridal bouquet for centuries. Athenian brides glided down the aisle carrying mint and marigold which they believed to be an aphrodisiac, while brides in ancient Rome wove wheat, for fertility, and rosemary, for the groom’s vitality, into their arrangements. It was the Victorians who took this trend to new heights though, creating a ‘language of flowers’ to express their love. Men would make their affections known by sending a woman a bouquet meticulously arranged to convey a message of love: burnet for a merry heart, lavender for undying love, lamb’s-ears for support, and oregano for happiness. Herbs are perfect for a country garden wedding so ask your florist about incorporating this charming tradition into your flower arrangements. Here are just a few ideas to get you started …

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Bunches of herbs tied together for your wedding.

Tie small bunches of herbs together and secure them with name tags.

Why: Your guests will be surrounded by aromatic bliss and have a keepsake to take home with them.
Use: Mint for warmth; marjoram for joy; verbena for faithfulness.

Bride wearing a flower crown.

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Fill your flower girls’ baskets with a mix of fragrant herbs and flowers for them to scatter down the aisle or create garlands of delicate blooms and herbs for them to wear.

Why: Using sweet-smelling herbs in the flower basket fills the room with a heavenly scent, while a garland made from woven flowers and herbs is perfect for a flower girl’s ‘princess’ moment.
Use: For the flower basket – pink rose petals and lavender symbolise grace, beauty, and luck (everything a girl needs!) For the garland – yarrow for everlasting love, ivy for fidelity, and Queen-Anne’s lace for protection.

Floral wreath with herbs.

Create a mini-arrangement with herbs and a single flower as a boutonniere for your Groom and Ring Bearer.

Why: This is a unique way of bringing herbs and their symbolic meanings into your floral arrangements.
Use: A sprig of thyme and rosemary to give your groom and ring bearer a burst of courage and a white rose bud to symbolise everlasting love.

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