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C’est magnifique! Insta-star (and Brisbane bride!) Kerrie Hess shares her tips for a French-inspired wedding

Styling // by QB

Dream of saying “I do” in the City of Love? Luckily you don’t have to travel thousands of kilometres to have a French-style wedding. Known for her classic Parisian-inspired artwork, illustrator Brisbane bride Kerrie Hess shared her top tips for adding a little French flair to your special day. And she would know – this talented woman just tied the knot in her own beautiful Byron Bay wedding that was, well, c’est magniqiue!

The perfect setting

Luckily there are multiple places around Australia that can instantly transport you to the pebble-stoned streets of Paris. The venue we chose for our wedding was Deux Belettes in Byron Bay. This gorgeous venue perfectly embodied the rustic, old world charm we wanted to achieve. From the moment our guests arrived, we wanted the day to have a dreamy feel, adorned with the charm of a Chateau in the South of France.

“If an open-aired location is more your style, a vineyard could be the perfect location! Add light fabrics, flowers and greenery and you’ll be instantly taken back to provincial France. I always feel that a beautiful location will need a lot less decoration too if there is already a romantic feeling to the space.”

Colour palette perfection

 “Pastel colour palettes, like muted mauve, nudes and whites will ooze French elegance. Get creative and incorporate your colour scheme in a multitude of ways – from table settings and blooms and furnishings. Set your tables with vintage glassware, classic white crockery and the cutlery of your choice – we went for gold to match our gold chairs.

Also, adding antique furnishing for guests to lounge on will add character to the setting and complement the traditional French colour palette.”

Getting the party started

A French wedding is all in the details and moments that involve your guests. A Champagne tower is a great way to bring everyone together for the special moment of the bride and groom pouring the tower.

We incorporated a four-tier tower into our wedding and it was a really beautiful moment. Not only did it add a European touch, but it was also a unique experience for the guests too. And the pretty Perrier Jouet glasses with painted flowers on the glass were perfect in our setting!”

A sweet impression

Surprise your guests with a sweet and elegant gift that is sure to add some French flair to your wedding. For the more traditional, stick to sugar-coated almonds or eclairs. Or for a more modern flavour, opt for macarons. At my wedding we gifted each guest with delicately wrapped rose macarons from Maison Laduree. (A brand close to my heart from my time living in Paris.) The best part was we could tailor the colours to align with the rest of our décor.”

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