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2020 edition of Queensland Brides magazine

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And, just like that, we say hello to 2020! Wow, isn’t it crazy how quickly time passes? Especially when you consider that this is our 114th edition of Queensland Brides! Pop. The. Bubbles. Let’s take a moment to raise a glass to you and your upcoming wedding, too. Congrats, lovers, we’re thrilled to be a part of your planning journey.

Which brings me to our first issue of the decade – and what a bumper it is! Let’s start with our real wedding collection, which is brimming with love and style. From the low-key, charming country affair of our cover couple, Ashlee and Josh, to the fun, cocktail-party wedding of Dilhara and Zachary – and six other beautiful events to boot – these romantic stories offer endless inspiration for your own nuptials. Delve in from page 37.

As a newly engaged couple, it’s only natural to feel some planning stress, especially as your wedding date nears and that seemingly endless to-do list grows. But, as any wedding expert will tell you, there are methods for managing this, and it starts with arming yourself with the most helpful information. This issue is jam-packed with practical guides, from the dos and don’ts of perfect party planning (page 33) and our all-season flower guide (page 85) to the 10 essential photo moments you need captured on your big day (page 109). Read up and you’ll be brimming with supreme wedding-planning confidence in no time.

Now, if like me, you think that one of the best things about a wedding is the dreamy honeymoon to follow, then flip straight to page 153 and dive into our collection of travel hotspots. There are 20 incredible destinations on our shortlist, all primed to offer the most romantic holiday of your life.

Finally, can we give a massive shout-out to our local photographers on the Gold and Sunshine coasts? This issue, they’re sharing their favourite spots to showcase crazy-in-love couples in our ‘Love that location’ features (pages 91 and 117). Their insights and ability to track down the most breathtaking backdrops in both of these destinations are top-notch, so don’t miss it.

Enjoy this issue.

x Nikki, Editor



Gracing the cover of this issue is our beautiful couple, Ashlee & Josh. Step inside their fabulous country-style wedding and get inspired. Photography: Rikki Lancaster


2020 edition of Queensland Brides magazine

2020 edition of Queensland Brides magazine 2020 edition of Queensland Brides magazine

2020 edition of Queensland Brides magazine

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