Let’s Elope!

With Easter on the mind, we knew it was time to share the story of Katie and Patrick — whose romantic Gold Coast elopement kicked off with an impromptu egg hunt proposal! The happy couple shrugged off Covid planning woes to pull off a glorious micro celebration at one of the region’s hidden gems, Braeside at Gin House Creek Estate.

Tiny guest list, mega-watt smiles. We are smitten!

A romantic gold coast elopement Braeside at Gin House Creek Estate

Fur baby Charlie almost stole the show

How did you & Patrick meet?
I had moved up to the Gold Coast to study, and once I had completed my Masters degree, I intended to move back to Melbourne for my final university placement to be closer to family. That all changed when we swiped right… From the first message to our first meeting, the connection felt instant. We talked all night, joked and laughed as if we had known each other for years. It was a truly strange experience and something neither of us had ever felt before. There was an immediate sense of calm and warmth, as if we were home. 

Tell us about the Easter-themed proposal …

It was not long before we knew we would be spending the rest of our lives together bickering about what was for dinner … But it wasn’t until I accidentally found the ring in the house that I realised the pandemic was interfering with my fantasy proposal at Wellington Point, where we had our first date. The universe (or Covid) required Patrick to change his proposal plans three times, with each lockdown escalating restrictions until we could no longer leave the house. In the end, he improvised. Deciding not to wait any longer (and to put me out of my misery) he set up an easter egg hunt at home on Easter Sunday. When I picked up the last plastic egg, I turned to see him down on one knee, brimming with tears.  

How did the pandemic affect your wedding plans?

Although we watched as friends faced cancelling and postponing their weddings over the next 18 months, we forged on with planning the wedding of our dreams. We found our perfect venue, celebrant, and wonderful vendors. A few months out we thought we were in the homestretch as borders opened, couples got married, and we started to let ourselves get excited. Unfortunately, more snap lockdowns occurred and, like many before us, we had to postpone our wedding knowing we would not be able to get across the border to our venue and my entire family would not be able to attend. It was one night, two or three weeks out from our original wedding date (after many tears) that we thought if we postponed, who was to say we would not be postponing again and again? 

Braeside Estate delivered the perfect romantic setting

And how did you flip the script? 

We decided we wanted more control over our lives and did not want to wait any longer to be married. Thankfully on short notice we were able to secure a beautiful venue, Braeside at Gin House Creek Estate. We contacted a couple of vendors, two close friends, and our celebrant, Toni Paget, to join us on this impulsive and exciting adventure. The extraordinary help and support from the venue’s wedding coordinator Sam ensured our stress was minimal with the preparations and handling of everything. 

Your wedding day looks so joyful, can you share a few details …

On the day of our elopement, it was bittersweet to be receiving video messages from our families sending us love and support, often wishing they were with us. However, as we got ready together with our dog Charlie, we got to savour every single moment; we were so present that the love we felt for each other was all we could focus on. 

We never expected to elope, but the venue, the vows, the love – it was magical. The whole experience was beyond words. I look back at the beautiful moments captured by our photographer and we can still remember the palpable feeling of love. Even with borders now open, and as we finally prepare for a celebration with our families, we would not change a thing.

Photography: Green & Wandering Photography //
Rings: Diamonds International (hers) & wooden ring from Glamira (his)  // Celebrant: Toni Paget // Planning & Styling: Sam/Braeside at Gin House Creek Estate  // Venue & Catering: Braeside at Gin House Creek Estate  // Dress: Madi Lane’s ‘Amelie’ in Mocha // Suit: Mix‘n’match with a YD jacket & Saba chinos  // Florals: Simone/Joy Fiori Florals // Hair & Makeup: Sarah Kelly Co // Photography: Green & Wandering Photography  // Mini-moon: The Mouses House Rainforest Retreat in Springbrook

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