Taryn and Trent and their Sunshine Coast Hinterland wedding

2 August 2019 // Guests: 84

Taryn and Trent chose the beauty of the Sunshine Coast and the idyllic rainforest setting of Hideaway Weddings for their celebration of love. Close to home, and providing an all-in-one option, this was the perfect location to celebrate with 84 of their nearest and dearest.

QB: All good love stories start somewhere; tell us how and when you met …

We first met at a BBQ of mutual friends, and although we did notice each other, we were both shy and didn’t talk – until Trent came to my rescue when I spilt my drink! We finished the night off with a group outing to the local pub and after many laughs and tipples, I chanced upon Trent outside of the pub waiting to be picked up by his friend. We chatted again and he offered me a lift home – but having only just met, I declined his kind offer. I did, however, do a sneaky Facebook ‘friend-add’ the next day; and the rest, as they say, is history 

QB: Tell us about your lives together …

Prior to our wedding, we had enjoyed a beautiful 6 years sharing and conquering life together. Our similar interests and life values ensure that we’re always on the same page and support each other unconditionally – even if Trent is the one to take a calm approach while I tend to be on the ‘stressed’ side of things.

QB: What does marriage mean to you?

To us, marriage means unconditional love, even when things get tough. It means standing side by side and supporting each other. It means always being there and sharing some of life’s best and worst moments and never giving up.  

QB: Make us laugh, make us cry: who proposed to who, and how? 

Trent proposed at the top of Mt Ngungun. I whinged the whole way up because I was tired, but once we got to the top it was definitely worth the walk up and I’m glad he got me out of bed to do it!

QB: How and why did you choose your venues?

We chose Hideaway Weddings for our wedding venue as it was a super convenient location for us, family and friends. We also loved the ‘all-in-one’ option to host our ceremony, reception and accommodation in the one place. The venue is utterly beautiful and fulfilled our idea of our dream wedding venue.

QB: What was the inspiration behind your wedding style?

While we didn’t really have a theme for our day, we just included everything we liked and that represented us – and I suppose ‘vintage’ (which we both love) was the overarching feel of the day. We were so impressed with the styling supplied by the venue too – they absolutely nailed it!

QB: Did you incorporate any traditions or perhaps do something a little different?

In keeping with our ‘untraditional’ approach to life, our wedding was not overly formal. Both my mum and dad walked me down the aisle (which meant so much to me), and our ceremony was short, sweet and to the point! We also chose to use our 65 XP Falcon Wagon as our wedding car – this car holds so much history, having been a part of my family for so long. In fact, Trent actually bought this car off my dad and we affectionately refer to her as ‘his other girl’!

QB: Were there any standout suppliers?

Yes! Absolutely everyone who helped with the wedding was outstanding; from the venue and the flowers to the cake, dress, suits, celebrant, entertainment, and everyone else who I have failed to mention! The day would not have been the same without them all, and we would especially like to thank Hideaway Weddings. Their amazing venue and assistance with the details really made the planning easy and the day run to perfection. Lemon Poppy Photography also made us feel so relaxed and captured the essence of the day perfectly.

QB: Do you have any words of wisdom to offer other couples?

Relax and enjoy the day! Yes, you hear this time and time again – but they day honestly goes by so quick! Take 10 minutes out of the night so you can both reflect on the day you’ve just created.

QB: Did you enjoy a honeymoon? If so, how and why did you choose your destination?

We enjoyed a few nights up in the Gold Coast Hinterland. We stayed at a place called The Mouses House Retreat.  This was the perfect choice for us and provided the ideal location to just ‘chill’ and get over the huge celebration we had just hosted. We had a beautiful rustic cabin amongst the lush rainforest, set above a running stream with a fireplace and outdoor spa – P E R F E C T I O N!

Photographer: Lemon Poppy Photography // Venue: Hideaway Weddings // Dress: Ferrari Formalwear and Bridal Boutique, Maroochydore // Suits: Ferrari Formalwear and Bridal Boutique, Maroochydore // Bridesmaids: ModCloth // Wedding Planner & Stylists: Beerwah Hideaway // Rings: John Penfold Manufacturing Jewellery, Nambour // Florist: The Posy Co // Celebrant: Sue Martin // Honeymoon: The Mouses House


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