QB Loves: Cheese Towers

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This gourmet treat appears in many Queensland weddings, and we’re sure it earns a few points with guests who can’t bear a glass of wine without a little savoury treat. Self-confessed cheesemongers The Cheese Bar are on our radar for their artisan-made cheese towers. This Brisbane-based company specialises in scrumptious towers, dessert tables and boards full of flavoursome cheeses. Delicious!

We chatted to Narelle Tognini at The Cheese Bar about how to create the ultimate tower of cheese.

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cheese cake

On Design

“The look is more relaxed, with an eclectic mix of flowers and fruit, including natives and soft green succulents.There’s a swing for a tall, narrow cheese tower to follow the trend of the straight up-and-down naked cake.”

On Flavours

“The layers depend on individual tastes for different cheeses.We like to incorporate hard with blues – and, of course, the soft, luscious triple creams. Everyone loves those! The blue-lovers enjoy Shropshire Blue as a base or part of the tower.”

On Serving 

“The essentials for any tower are quince paste, dried figs and fruit bread, as well as plain crackers or oatcakes.”

cheese tower

Cheese Towers are a great choice for those couples looking to forgo the traditional wedding cake dessert – or instead, use it as a savoury complement to their wedding cake. cheese platters by the Cheese Bar

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