pretty flower cake by Gillian Bell

10 things you need to know about wedding cakes

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When it comes to wedding cakes, there is so much to consider. Two tiers or three? Fondant or buttercream? We’ve got you covered with the decisions you need to make … and 10 things you need to know before about wedding cakes – before ordering one!

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#1. Know your timeline

Delicious wedding cake by Cake My Day by Jo

Delicious wedding cake by Cake My Day by Jo

When you’ve locked in your date, tell your cake artist so that they know exactly how much time they have to work with. It’s a basic tip, but probably the most important.

#2. Ask everything

Delicious frosted green and pink ribbon wedding cake

Delicious combination of green frost and pink flowers and ribbon. Cake by Whitsunday Baked Creations. Photo by Brooke Miles Photography

Is the price for the whole cake or just per slice? Does the cake artist make the fondant decorations or do they have to source them from somewhere else? Who has to transport the cake to the venue? Don’t be afraid to ask about everything.

#3. Structural integrity

Classic white wedding cake

Classic three-tier white cake by Frosted Indulgence

Don’t ask for the impossible if you’re having a tiered cake. Basically, don’t insist on having a super-dense mud cake balancing on top of a fluffy sponge because it will collapse.

#4. When art imitates life

White and silver wedding cake

Love the classic design with silver metallic features. Photo by Brooke Miles Photography

Got a look in mind? Check out similar examples on Insta or Facebook. A simple hashtag like #geometriccake could show you how similar cakes worked (or perhaps didn’t work) at other brides’ weddings.

#5. Um, is this gluten-free?

colourful wedding cake by Gillian Bell

Simple and delicious – with edible flowers! Cake by Gillian Bell.

If you’re only expecting a few vegan or gluten-free guests, your cake artist will, with enough notice, be able to create something small but delicious for them. Or suggest a cake that will appeal to everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements.

#6. Climate control

white wedding cake red flowers by Little Cake Lane

Four tiers of classic cake goodness. Cake by Little Cake Lane.

What type of icing do you want? Buttercream and chocolate-based icing will melt easily, so only go for these if your reception venue is air-conditioned or you know the day will be cool. Otherwise, fondant-covered cakes are the way to go – cut them to reveal the (non-melted) buttercream of your choice dividing the layers inside.

#7. Size matters

naked wedding cake by Gillian Bell

Naked and delicious! Cake by Gillian Bell.

The general rule of thumb is two tiers (15 and 20cm cakes) will feed around 70 guests, three tiers (15, 20 and 25cm cakes) will feed around 150 people, and four tiers (15, 20, 25 and 30cm cakes) will feed up to 250.

#8. That’s tops, mate

white cake white flowers macaroons by Cake my day by Jo

Classic and rustic all in one. Cake by Cake My Day by Jo

Flowers as cake toppers are bang on-trend – if you’re going for this look, let your cake artist know from the outset so they can factor in the florals. And the same goes for any eye-catching cake toppers.

#9. A beautiful display

Macaroon Wedding Cake

Sweet macaroons! Cake by Elizabeth May

Dessert tables are bang on-trend, so remember to inform your cake artist if that’s what you’re going for. They’ll be able to tell you the realistic cake size needed if you’re providing other treats as well.

#10. Best before…

Croquembouche wedding cake by French Patisserie

Croquembouche wedding cake by Toowong French Patisserie.

Saving your leftover cake to eat on a special date? Check first to find out exactly how long your cake will last when frozen.

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