5 simple (but totally thoughtful!) bridesmaid gift ideas

Bridesmaids // by Treacy Koster

Your friends have probably been helping you plan your wedding since before your significant other even popped the question. They’ve been by your side at dress fittings, thrown you a thoughtful hen’s weekend and helped you pick out flowers and cakes.

Wondering how you can thank your brilliant bridesmaids for their time, effort and general awesomeness? From pampering baskets to personalised jewellery, here are some fabulous gift ideas to suit every budget…

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alan-caishan-1207495-unsplashSpa Day

They’ve probably been through a lot with you over the years – now’s the perfect time to spoil your bridesmaids and unwind a little with a relaxing spa day!

Depending on budget, you could go all-out on a luxury weekend spa, or instead, opt for a massage and lunch at a local favourite. Whatever your budget, there’s an option that will most likely work for you. After all their help, don’t they deserve a bit of TLC?

kevin-laminto-608589-unsplashPampering Basket

If you like the idea of pampering your friends but getting everyone together in one place for a spa day is too difficult, consider sending them a basket of skincare and pampering products they can use at home!

You can even go one thoughtful step further and create a different combination of products based on each bridesmaid’s skin type and personal preferences (you might need to ask them about this). Be sure to include a sweet little note, saying something like ‘Looking good, girl!’

LukeMiddlemissPhotographyLarissaandRicky284of948Framed Photo

You’ve already hired a photographer to take beautiful photos of you in your gorgeous wedding-day outfits – why not find your favourite ones and frame them for your bridesmaids?

This idea doesn’t have to be super-expensive, and you can make them that little bit more personal by choosing a different frame and photo for each bridesmaid based on her taste, style and which photo she looks the best in! And for that final touch, you can get them engraved with a special thank you message to mark the occasion.

ana-tavares-598934-unsplashCoupon Book

Okay, at first glance this may not seem very special but you could actually make it super thoughtful by filling it with a bunch of generous chores and awesome things you can do for your bridesmaids at a later date. Consider all the things they did for you during your wedding prep and write them down as an I.O.U style coupon.

Some examples could be ‘Talk you through a meltdown on the phone for two hours’; ‘Watch you try on fifty dresses in one sitting’; ‘Chat to your slightly intoxicated uncle so he doesn’t ruin your Dad’s wedding speech’ or ‘Taste twenty cakes in one afternoon’. It’s a lovely way to acknowledge and show gratitude for all of the big and small things your friends did for you during your wedding prep whilst beginning to repay them at the same time!

andie-gomez-acebo-744590-unsplashPersonalised Jewellery

Want to go all-out? If your budget allows it and you want to keep things elegant and traditional, have a think about treating your bridesmaids to a personalised piece of jewellery! You can pick something different for each bridesmaid or give everyone the same piece. Either way, be sure to engrave a personalised message on each!

Whatever idea you go for, remember that you don’t have to break the bank to get someone a great gift. These people are your nearest and dearest, and the effort you’ve put into finding a personal and thoughtful gift for them will far outweigh the price tag!

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Feature image from the wedding of Lucy + Rich ; ‘Framed photo’ image from the wedding of Larissa + Ricky