8 steps to get wedding gifts you actually want

Gifts // by The QB Team

Ah, the gift registry. In principle it sounds fun – going around collecting ideas for gifts you’d love and then asking someone else to pay for them – but it can easily become a bit of a hassle, not to mention an etiquette minefield.

If you’ve opted for this time-honoured tradition, follow these top tips for the ultimate modern gift registry… that won’t offend anyone!

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Gift registry cards for a wedding.

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Step 1: Make it optional
Before you begin compiling your dream gift list, start with the idea in mind that it should be optional.

Chances are you’ll have a few out-of-town guests visiting and asking them to fork out for a gift (in addition to travel and accommodation) can be a little inconsiderate. Discuss it with your partner and make sure you’re both clear on the terms.

Step 2: Research registries
You don’t have to go down the traditional route of registering at a physical store (unless you like to keep things old-school, which is totally okay with us).

Have a look online and compare different gift registry sites to find the best fit for you and your partner – there’s everything out there, from honeymoon funding to experience gifting.

Some handy options include honeyfund.com, myweddingregistry.com.au, ourhoneymoonregistry.com.au and travelregistry.com.au.

Wishlist for a wedding gift registry.

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Step 3: Make it a date (night)
This is probably the most fun part. Set aside a couple of hours and plan your gift registry together. Let’s face it, weddings can often be all about the bride and the point of a gift registry is to collect things that you will use in your new life together.

To break up the tedium, you can even make it a game – yes, we realise how cheesy that sounds, but trust us! Make a list of what you think would be each other’s top 10 gifts and see who can get the most correct. We’ll leave what the winner gets up to you…

Step 4: Be realistic (if possible)
Does the idea of spending a day in the kitchen frighten you? Then maybe don’t register for high-end cookware. Can you be bothered to make a fresh cup of artisan coffee every morning with your top-of-the-range espresso machine? If you answered no, maybe ask for a voucher for your favourite local café instead.

Our point? Now that you’ve chosen where to register, don’t fall into the pitfalls of asking for the traditional cliché items. A few special things (like an impressive paella pan to get out of the cupboard for a family lunch) can be fun, but don’t over-think your list too much and be sure to pick things that you genuinely want to keep – and will actually use.

Storage space for wedding gifts.

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Step 5: Consider storage space
Storage space seems to be a sensitive point with any couple living together.

If you’ve included a few items on your list that you wouldn’t normally put on display, think about how big they are and exactly where you might store them. Or, consider asking for something less physical, like a wine subscription or theatre tickets.

Step 6: Read the reviews
If you’re shopping around for an expensive item, chances are you’re going to read a few honest reviews, right? Choosing gifts for your registry should be no different. Enough said.

Creative DIY wrapping.

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Step 7: Think about return policies
While you’re probably not going to return a gift due to a ‘change of mind’, sometimes factory faults just happen and your perfect present might not be so perfect.

Research the return policies of where you’re registering and read the fine print (including whether or not you need a physical receipt).

Step 8: Give it time
It’s a good idea to register a long list of items just before sending out your invitations to give your guests plenty of time to purchase gifts – we all have that family member who’s just a little too organised.

As items are purchased, update your list to save double-ups – a task that’s very easy to do if opting for an online registry.

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