The modern gift guide: the list

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Forget about china, linens, and toasters – the modern gift registry is all about group-gifting, crowdsourcing, and thinking outside the box for items and experiences that are original, useful… and fun. We’ve gathered 5 great modern gift guides with a difference.

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#5. The list

These days you can register for pretty much anything. SimpleRegistry and Not Another Toaster let you create your ultimate gift list based on, well, pretty much whatever you want – from luxury products to honeymoon experiences, home renovations to mortgage deposits. Can’t live without that bonkers item that’s only available on eBay? Don’t care about stuff but would love to put some experiences on your list, like swimming with dolphins, cordon bleu cooking classes or guitar lessons? Want to crowdsource a car? There’s no end to what you can do. Envelope Registry has upped the ante by making their site super-stylish, beautiful and easy to use. Plus ou can add pics and words to totally personalise it.

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