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Words of Wisdom: Couples share their wedding tips and advice

Stories // Tips + Advice // by QB

Featured image: Brie Conomos Photography

1. Stay true

Photo: Mallory Sparkles Photography

“Just do you! Don’t feel you need to follow traditions – your wedding should be as unique as you are as a couple.” Renee & Gavin, Sunshine Coast

2. Know your priorities

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“Decide what is most important to you for your wedding day and plan and prioritise from there. For us, having an amazing venue and photographer were important, so we made sure we invested in those areas.” Laura & Matthew, Scenic Rim

3. Stay stronger together

Photo: Brie Conomos Photography

“Remember that a wedding is all about you and your partner. Have respect for each other’s ideas, be resilient if things don’t work out how you first planned, and decide on the things that really matter to the two of you.” Cielle & Matthew, Sunshine Coast

4. Stress less

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“As you always hear, the day goes by very quickly (ours did, even though we had a 14-hour-plus day!), so try to enjoy every minute and don’t stress about the little things!” Tramy & Sean, Brisbane

5. Treat yourselves

Photo: Tom Hall Photography

“Try to do something relaxing together the week of the wedding. Easton and I did a salt float therapy session two days before the big day and it was wonderful.” Zanika & Easton, Sunshine Coast

6. Lean on your team

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“Reliable and helpful suppliers are crucial, so you can be calm and confident in the run-up to the big day.” Natalie & Lawrence, Scenic Rim

7. Be honest and upfront

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“If you have a budget in mind, don’t be afraid to let suppliers know what it is and ask if they can cater their service to what you need.” Lisa & David, Brisbane. For more of their wedding story, turn to page 51.

8. Plan and delegate

Photo: Tom Hall Photography

“Make a plan of the photos you want from the day … Also, I honestly believe in paying for a stylist for the day – they took everything off my hands, and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.” Chanelle & Brandon, Sunshine Coast

9. Stay present for ‘I do’

Photo: Peppermint Photography

“I think it’s important to really be in the moment for the ceremony. I was so nervous and excited I just wanted to speed it up and be married already – but the ceremony was absolutely our most favourite and special part of the day.” Britt & Isaac, Sunshine Coast.

10. Take a moment

Photo: Gavin James Photography

“Schedule some time between your ceremony and reception just for yourselves, even if it’s only 15 minutes to touch base and be present in the moment, because it’s a very busy day, and seems to be over so quickly.” Niketa & Brian, Sunshine Coast

11. Slip away at the reception

Photo: Stories by Ash Photography

“We followed a suggestion from Andy’s sister and husband and had our entrees privately (away from our wedding guests). On a day when everyone wants to talk and have a photo with the newlyweds, having a private moment together was really worth doing.” Sian & Andy, Scenic Rim

12. Feel the love

Photo: Soda Photography

“Be sure to set time aside to look at your partner, look at your guests, look at your parents; take those moments in … you have not experienced the feeling of love until it is your wedding day!” Zoe & Liam, Brisbane