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Looking for a little advice to keep your wedding planning on track (we know, it’s a lot!)? Here’s an idea: take a breather, make a nice cup of tea, and soak up a few words of wisdom with these wedding tips and advice from newlyweds who can relate.

Bride: Taylor

Photo: Bayleigh Vedelago

“Splurge on your non-negotiables, like a videographer and photographer, and don’t feel guilty about it. They are the memories you’ll have to remember a day that seriously goes by so fast.”

Bride: Ange

Photo: Joshua Mikhaiel 

“Carefully choose vendors you love and trust. Have complete faith in their ability to work their magic, which will take the pressure off you! Also, consider an intimate wedding. We loved having just 45 guests: those people we consider will be around for life. It meant we got to have a conversation with them all during the reception. Finally, livestream the ceremony to guests who can’t make it. It’ll lift their spirits!”

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Bride: Sharna

Photo: Sarah Lette Photography + Film

“In my experience, preparation is key to a stress-free wedding day. Todd and I visited the island twice to ensure I had planned for all aspects of our day. Visualising my ideas while looking at the locations in person made it so much easier to know what I had forgotten and what I didn’t actually need!”

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Bride: Darianne-Lee

Photo: Ivy Road Photography

“I once read a bride’s advice to sit back for five minutes during the reception and take in all of the love. We made the time to do this on our wedding day and, honestly, it was the best part of the night.”

Bride: Sia

Photo: Evernew Studio

Dear brides, bring a change of shoes! Sneakers at your reception are the way forward.

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Bride: Renee

Photo: Lovelenscapes Photography

Try not to get caught up in making your day perfect for everyone else; this day is all about you and your love for each other! Dance, have fun and enjoy every minute of it (it goes quick!).”

Brides: Tamara & Clare

Photo: Alan Hughes Photography

Get an on-the-day planner! They are worth their weight in gold. We honestly didn’t have a care in the world on the day, which allowed us to enjoy the whole celebration.”

Bride: Tien

Photo: Mezic Studio

It will be one of the most beautiful memories of your lives. Take it easy and enjoy every moment: the planning, the organising and most importantly, the actual day!”

Bride: Emily

Photo: Matthew Evans 

“Do a ‘big reveal’ with your loved ones. Only my mum had seen me in my dress before the big day and my most memorable moment from getting ready was the reactions from my dad and bridesmaids when they turned around to me. It made for some AMAZING photos.”

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Bride: Ajita

Photo: Evernew Studio 

Honestly, on the day, you forget about the stress and have this amazing party with the people you love most. The more you make it about who you are and celebrate what’s unique about you, the more fun and genuinely memorable your day will be.”

Bride: Jade

Photo: Kieran Tunbridge

My biggest advice is starting the planning process straight away, even if it’s just finding/deciding minor things you like or starting a mood board or a wedding folder saved on Instagram. It’s pretty daunting when you first start, but you’ll thank yourself later for deciding what you like early on. 

I also made sure I booked in the most important things first — the venue and celebrant — so they were locked into my wedding date. Everything else was easy to plan around those. We also went to wedding expos which is a great way to network with suppliers & get a vibe of who you want to use. You also can score freebies as well so they’re definitely worth attending! 

Excel is your best friend – and in the lead-up to your wedding, try to cross 1-3 things off your to-do list per week otherwise procrastination can take over and, before you know it, nothing is locked in, and it’ll stress you out. Set & forget! 

  • On the day:
    Remember to drink water & eat something throughout the day. 
  • Accept your feelings & work with them. 
  • Accept you’re going to be late & don’t waste your energy stressing about it. 
  • Remember to stop halfway down the aisle for a moment, to take it all in. 
  • Remember to have a private moment together at some point. 

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