Expert advice: Reception entertainment

Tips + Advice // by QB

You’ve planned the celebrations, got all dressed up, actually tied the knot and now it’s time to let your hair down! Want to make your reception unforgettable for all the right reasons? We asked some of our wedding experts for their entertainment tips to get you and your guests in party-mode…

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From-the-wedding-of-Lisa-and-SeanThink about the venue size and guests’ ages

“Make sure your entertainment is suitable for all ages of guests at your wedding. Also, consider the size of your venue when booking entertainment – you don’t want to squeeze a five-piece band into a small corner!” Sue, River Deck Restaurant

From-Unsplash-andy-lee-469465-unsplashCheck the tech

“Always check if the venue is fully equipped with an onsite AV tech team because this can significantly increase the price if the AV tech is not in-house. Additional costs will generally be due to travel time.” Kelly & Carol, Hotel Jen

Chris+LisaWedding_MSP_HighRes(445of625)Create the right atmosphere

“Invest in the professional services of a DJ or a musician in place of creating your own playlist. It really does create the whole atmosphere for your reception and it’s not worth running the risk of your guests playing around with the song order and/or the volume – it has happened!” Melissa, Maroochy Surf Club

From-wedding-of-Bec-JohnBook a confidence-booster for the first dance

“Consider a low fog machine or fireworks for the first dance. It’s a good distraction if you’re both nervous about getting up and dancing in front of everybody.” Marie, Moda Events Portside

Wedding-of-Amanda-MauriceFill the dance floor

“This is your day to share with your partner and if you don’t want to have your guests watching you on the dance floor, then don’t! Get everyone up together so you can all share in the special magic of the moment.” Rebecca, Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel

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