Expert advice: Reception food and drink

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We all know that one of the best things of a reception (well, of weddings) is the food! Not sure exactly what to serve? Want to know how to really impress your guests? We turned to those-in-the-know to find out how to make your wedding food seriously memorable…

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SS18-RW-Sam-Dylan-52Embrace cocktail hour

“Add a grazing board and Pimms station which will encourage your guests to mingle around and chat over some amazing food.” Juliana, Weddings at Tiffany’s

Wedding-jamesandromy-Photo-AmeliaFullarton-0655Sample, sample, sample!

“There is one thing your guests will always remember about your reception: the food! Make sure you take the time to try the food before you choose your reception venue to ensure that in 10 years’ time, Uncle Joe isn’t still complaining about how dry the chicken was at your wedding.” Britta, The Golden Ox

sourced-via-Unsplash-jennifer-pallian-306919-unsplashKeep things cool for a summer reception

“On a hot summer’s day, consider a selection of refreshing ice blocks for your guests at the ceremony or post-ceremony as they await your arrival at a garden reception.” Helena, Shangri-la Hotel, The Marina, Cairns

sourced-via-Unsplash-edgar-castrejon-459824-unsplashImpress guests with generous share plates

“I LOVE the idea of a feasting menu with all dishes served to the centre of the table and your guests sharing the food with each other. Not only is this a great conversation starter, it’s a touch that will wow your guests.” Sarah, The Tote Room, Brisbane Racing Club

“Sharing menus are very popular at the moment. It’s a really modern and interactive way of dining where all the food is placed in the middle of the table and passed around, ‘family-feast’ style. It becomes a really social dining experience.” Sarah, Noosa Boathouse

sourced-via-Unsplash-jacalyn-beales-594326-unsplashThink about the spirits you serve

“Offering spirits to guests at your reception is very generous, but can rapidly increase costs. A happy medium is to offer spirits on consumption following dessert/cake cutting when everyone starts dancing, or on a cash bar basis where the guests can purchase their own throughout the night.” Annie, Emporium Hotel

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