Tradition Tuesday: The food and drink traditions to keep and ditch

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Obvious statement of the day: if there’s a time for tradition, it’s at a wedding. At the same time, in 2018 it’s perfectly acceptable to ditch traditions and go rogue.

Not sure if you’re wanting to keep things totally classic or mix them up a little? We’ve taken a look at a few classic food-and-drink traditions to help you figure out what you might want (or definitely don’t want) to include…

Cocktail-image-unsplash-Jennifer-PallianThe classic cocktail hour is still a favourite at weddings (um, hello, cocktails!), but it doesn’t have to be between the ceremony and the reception. This time is usually a go-to option as a way to keep guests fed and entertained while the bridal party is off having photos taken, but you can serve refreshments at any time you like (if you like).

More and more couples are kicking things off with a pre-ceremony cocktail hour (serve mocktails if it’s a morning ceremony) and making guests feel welcome and relaxed from the outset. Cheers to that!

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From-the-wedding-of-Laura-+-CalebIf that’s what you want at your wedding, awesome, but don’t feel you have to be limited by a plate-drop option. It’ll depend on your venue or caterer, but there’s a heap of fun serving styles out there that guests will love.

Food trucks pumping out Insta-ready street food is still a trend that brides are loving, while family-style share plates and grazing stations are becoming new classics. Keep in mind your budget and venue (i.e maybe don’t plan on having food trucks at an indoor reception), but you can play around with your wedding menu and make it something guests will remember long after the special day.

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Wine-bottle-unsplash-image-Nick-KarvounisEveryone loves a full bar, but it’s definitely not expected these days. Unless you’re really wanting to go all-out on drinks, offer a selection of fabulous options and make the rest available for purchase.

Discuss options with your venue or caterer and, when in doubt, serve a red and white wine, a beer and two basic spirits (vodka and whisky are beloved options) – and maybe Champagne for toasts. Another way to save on costs but still make a lasting impression is to serve a signature cocktail and make all other tipples available for a cost.

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van-image-unsplash-SablaturaFor drinks and food, things are on the move. From Prosecco vans to gelato carts and roaming espresso bars, a mobile serving station adds a little something extra to receptions and lend themselves to super-cute wedding photos!

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