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Feast your eyes: 2018’s most Insta-ready food trends

Receptions // by QB

We love a lot of things about weddings (obviously) but we’ll be honest – the food is always one of our favourite parts! Want to really impress your friends and family? Here are the wedding food trends couples (and guests!) are loving in 2018…

Unique food stations

More and more brides are looking to make their wedding feel like an event or a festival in 2018. Food trucks and vans are still HUGE because of this, but quirky food stations are also becoming popular. From sashimi stations to oyster shucking bars and mini dutch pancake stands, there’s a whole world of funky food station ideas out there that guests will seriously love. Go all-out with food stations and offer guests a range of options or opt for one spectacular vendor (think ice-cream, wood-fired pizza or doughnuts) along with grazing tables, the classic plate-drop or share plates.

Mobile bars

How do you make a bar cooler? Make it mobile. Converted classic cars and caravans (make ours an old-school Airstream, thanks) are becoming a beloved option, but we’ve seen everything from refurbished horse floats to super-cute bicycle bars. Check with your reception venue if going with this trend and choose something that reflects the feel and style of the day.

Share-style menus

It’s been around for a while now but we’re really loving this trend. Share plates loaded with generous servings of roast meats, whole-baked fish, gourmet pasta dishes and barbecued seafood create an instant ‘family dinner’ vibe. There’s something so warm and friendly about passing around platters and big bowls of food around a table, and it suits a range of different weddings. If you ask us, it’s a new classic!

Special side-dishes

Following on from the share plate trend, more couples are looking into serving next-level side dishes at their reception. Think roasted veggies, summery salads, steamed wontons, warm breads and bowls of wasabi mash. The idea is to keep things laid-back and to allow guests to pick and choose what they want to eat – perfect for fussy guests and those, like us, that want to try everything!

Spirit-paired meals

Wine-paired meals are still a winner with brides (and us!) but there’s also been a rise in spirit-paired meals lately. Gin served with fresh seafood or cheese plates, whisky with beef and roast lamb, rum with pork – they’re all fabulous combinations that will really get the party started!

Hands-on treats

Interactive elements are really big at the moment for receptions. Guaranteed to make your wedding memorable, things like hot chocolate stations, pretzel-and-dipping-sauce stands, ice-cream sundae-making tables and make-your-own dessert pizza bars are totally Insta-ready! Again, work with your venue or caterer and think about your wedding location, the time of year, and the style of celebration.

Comfort food

Finicky food is on the way out for receptions, with more couples opting to serve their favourite comfort food – we love it! If you’re planning a glamorous event, you can still keep things elegant with zingy mini tacos, fish and chip cones, bánh mì canapés and gourmet nasi goreng in takeaway boxes. Or, create a party atmosphere with sliders, southern-style chicken, mini BLTs and rustic chips sprinkled with parsley and sea salt. Anyone else hungry?

Suspended cake displays

Okay, so this is also a bit of a cake trend but we’ll go with it. If serving a wedding cake, you’re probably going to want to show it off. Suspended cake displays make your cake look crazy-beautiful and work well with a range of styling themes. Whether you go simple and modern with a perspex base and minimal decoration or go OTT with greenery and flowers, only consider this idea if your cake artist and venue are on board. Also, it’s worth thinking about the age of your guests – unless you’re happy with a surprise (and expensive) cake smash!