57 questions to ask your caterers

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Obviously, one of the most important elements of a wedding is the food (obviously!). Want to make a good impression on your guests? Ask your caterer these questions and make your special day unforgettable… for all the right reasons!

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From the wedding of Lauren + Peter

Licence to serve

– “Are you licensed, with health permits and liability insurance?”

– “Are you licensed to serve alcohol?

– “Will we need any special permits for our wedding and will you obtain them?”

– “Will you provide someone to coordinate the meal service or run the event? Can we meet this person beforehand?”

Check it out

– “Will you be visiting the site before we book, to make sure everything we discuss is possible?”

– “If you find any issues with the site, will this be reflected in the quote, so that there aren’t any nasty surprises later on?”


From the wedding of Kristine + Jason

Dish it

– “Can you customise a menu for us, or do we have to choose from a set menu?”

– “Do you offer any packages? If so, what do they include?”

– “Do you offer different types of catering styles (eg sit-down, cocktail-style, food stations etc)?”

– “How much do you charge for children’s meals and vendor meals?”

Good taste

– “What sort of food do you specialise in?”

– “What would you recommend for us, given our budget, style and number of guests?”

– “Can you accommodate guests with allergies and dietary restrictions?”

– “Where will the food come from?”

– “Can you source organic or sustainably farmed ingredients?”

– “What do you do with leftovers?”


From the wedding of Kylie + Daniel

Nice slice

– “Do you do wedding cakes?

– “Is this an extra charge, or is it included in the per-person meal price?”

– “If we supply the cake, do you charge a cake-cutting fee?”

– “What other dessert options do you recommend?”

Power points

– “What are your water, electrical, equipment and general space needs?”

– “Where will you prepare the food? On-site? Or will you bring it in already prepared? Either way, will you need access to a kitchen?”


From the wedding of Paige + Jesse

Extra, extra

– “Do you handle rental equipment such as tables and chairs?”

– “Can you provide everything else we need, such as linen, glasses, flatware and dinnerware?”

– “What styles and colours do you offer?”

– “Can we view samples before making any final decisions or bookings?”

Practical magic

– “How long will it take your team to ‘bump in’ and ‘bump out’ (ie set up everything and then take it all down afterwards)?”

– “What is the ratio of wait staff to guests?”

– “What time will your team arrive? Will they be responsible for table settings? Will they handle all the little touches, like lighting candles and putting out place cards and favours? How will they dress?”


From the wedding of Barbara + Ana

Drink up

– “Do you provide alcoholic beverages? If so, what brands do you serve?”

– “How do you charge for drinks – by consumption or per person?”

– “Can we supply the alcohol to be served by your bartenders?”

– “Is there a corkage fee if we supply our own alcohol?”

– “Is Champagne (for toasts) included in the meal package? How about tea and coffee? Will you also offer decaffeinated and herbal options?”

Cleaning up

– “What is your policy on cleaning up? When and how will it happen?”


From the wedding of Sara + Miles

It’s on

– “Are you definitely available on our wedding day?”

– “How many other weddings will you cater that day?”

– “How far in advance do we need to book you to ensure your services?”

– “When will we receive a contract?”

– “What sort of a deposit do you need, and by when?”

– “What is your cancellation/refund policy? Do you offer a payment plan?”

– “What information do you need from us before the wedding day?”

– “When will we need to finalise the menu?”

– “When will you need a final guest count?”