32 questions to ask your reception venue

Receptions // by QB

Searching for your dream venue? Already found the perfect place? Ask these go-to questions to make sure your reception goes off without a hitch…

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From the wedding of Kirby + Sean

Size matters

1 – “Does the venue suit the number of guests we plan to invite?

2 – A room that’s too large is almost as bad as a room that’s too small – do you have a number of function rooms for us to choose from?”

Room hire

3 – “Is there a separate charge for room hire? If so, how many hours does it cover?”

4 – “Are there any charges if we go over time?”


From the wedding of Amanda + Maurice

On the clock

5 – “What time can guests arrive?”

6 – “When will each course be served?”

7 – “What time will you kick us out?”

8 – “Will you supply a schedule for the day to help make things run super-smoothly?”

Here’s cheers

9 – “What exactly does the per-head cost cover?”

10 – “What specific drinks are covered in this?”

11 – “Can our guests purchase any drinks not on this list?”

12 – “How many hours does the package cover?”

13 – “How will drinks be charged after this?”

14 – “What happens to any leftover bottles that we’ve paid for?”


From the wedding of Barbara + Ana

The menu

15 – “What sort of food and beverage packages does your venue offer?”

16 – “Can we do a menu tasting?”

17 – “How do you handle food intolerances and special diets?”And what are your prices?”

Take a seat

18 – “What’s the seating plan at the venue?”

19 –  “Can it be adapted to suit our preferences and guest numbers?”


From the wedding of Paige + Jesse

Bust a move

20 – “Is there a dance floor?

21 – “If it’s not the right size for us can we change it?

22 – “If it’s not in the right spot, can we move it?”

Room + table decorations

23 – “Can you provide table linens in our chosen wedding colours?

24 – “Do you offer any other types of decoration?”


From the wedding of Stephanie + Anders

Bride wars

25 – “Are any other weddings taking place on the same day as ours? If so, will we be sharing any facilities (such as bars, reception areas, parking areas etc)?

26 – “How will you make us feel like we’re the only ones here?”


27 – “Are there enough parking spaces for all of our guests? If not, are more available nearby?

28 – “Is there free parking?”


From the wedding of Hope + Jeremy

Quick change

29 – “Is there a changing room for the bridal party?”

Mates rates

30 – “You offer accommodation as well as wedding receptions – will there be any special room rates available for our guests?”


The Brisbane Marriott Hotel

Suite, suite love

31 – “Do you offer a complimentary honeymoon suite as part of our chosen package?”


32 – “Are there any other extras included in our package?”

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