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Ready-to-wear or couture? Wendy Makin Bridal Designs shares advice

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AUGUST 2021 UPDATE: WENDY MAKIN BRIDAL DESIGNS HAS MOVED: Find the complete Wendy Makin Couture, Ready to Wear and french by Belladonna collections at 169 Wellington Rd, East Brisbane (just down the road from their previous store)

If you’re currently 20 Pinterest pages into finding ideas for your dream wedding dress, chances are you’ve asked yourself this question: Should I get something ready-to-wear or couture? Not sure what the difference is? Wondering what will best suit your taste and budget?

Experts in all things wedding fashion, Wendy Makin Bridal Designs shared their advice for finding the perfect dress for you …

Claudia-41-collageWhat technically makes a dress couture?

“In the most general of terms, couture dresses are dreamt up by a designer and brought to life in-house by their hand-selected workroom of talented magicians (also known as pattern makers and seamstresses).”

What’s the advantage of getting a couture dress?

“There is nothing quite like having a garment that is tailor-made to flatter your figure. What you get with a made-to-measure gown is something ‘you’ sized. It should also take into account things like height, body-length and cup-size so that it not only fits but it is in proportion to your body.”

What’s the process of getting a couture dress with Wendy Makin Bridal Designs?

“With couture wedding gowns, you can customise not only the fit, but you can mix, match and choose the materials and design elements that you truly love. At our Wendy Makin Design Studio, you can choose different fabrics, laces, necklines, skirts into endless combinations to suit you and your uniqueness!”

Chloe-1-collageWhat is a ready-to-wear dress?

“A ready-to-wear gown is still designed by a designer and their team, but is usually made in a factory and tends to follow fashion trends more as the collection is stocked more mass market. Your closest size is ordered (or stock gown purchased) and once in-store is tweaked to fit.”

What’s the advantage of getting a ready-to-wear dress?

“They are our more budget-friendly friends but that by no means they cannot be unique! By having alterations done or ordering extra fabrics, laces or motifs unique touches can be made so the gown is perfect for you!”

What’s the process of getting a ready-to-wear dress with Wendy Makin Bridal Designs?

“Whilst you can make a few design decisions when ordering gowns (like colour options, whether to go beaded or un-beaded and sleeve or sleeveless) extra fabrics can be purchased to come in with your gown in order to make it exactly as you imagine once it arrives! The other positive to a ready-to-wear gown is that you know what you are getting in a design as you have already tried on what you have ordered or purchased (as opposed to having something made).”

For more insider information (like what to expect when it comes to price and time constraints), check out the full story here at Wendy Makin Bridal Designs blog…