Wendy Makin Bridal Designs shares tips for first wedding dress consultation

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It’s pretty safe to say that we all have some kind of vision of how our first wedding dress consultation will go – does anyone else picture one of those ‘trying on everything in the store’ film montages? If you’re a little nervous or unsure about how it’ll go, take a break and listen to the experts. To take the stress out of it all, we asked the amazing Wendy Makin Bridal Designs for their top tips and insider’s advice…

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Etoile-collageShould I bring a list of gowns I want to try on?

“We do advise before your consultation that you make a list of gowns you love, but this list is not the be all and end all. Often our brides fall in love with something they didn’t initially pick out, so try to have an open mind, and trust our consultants.”

What kind of underwear should I wear?

“We advise wearing a nude strapless bra and seamless nude underwear so your underwear doesn’t have a huge impact on what the gown looks like.”

What about makeup and spray-on tans?

“We know you’re going to want to look your best for your first consultation, but in order to keep our gowns looking fresh and bright, we ask that your wear minimal makeup and avoid coming in with a fresh tan.”

Claire-collageIf I’ve already picked the shoes I’m going to wear, should I bring them?

“If you’ve already purchased your shoes and you are certain they are the ones, by all means bring them along, but they are certainly not essential. We always pop you up on a block to make you look tall and glamorous, just like you would if you are wearing heels!”

How many friends should I bring along?

“We advise that you bring a maximum of four guests along to your consultation. More opinions than this can become a little too overwhelming and, on a busy weekend, it can get a little bit squishy!”

Am I expected to order and pay straight away?

“At the Wendy Makin Couture Studio, most of our brides don’t order on their first visit, so there’s no rush or expectation to order your gown straight away unless you need a rushed order. And don’t worry about paying it all upfront – we only ask for a 25% deposit when you order, and then we make sure you’ve fully paid before you pick up your gown a week before your wedding.”

For more insider information (like how long to expect for a gown to be made to your measurements), check out the full story here at Wendy Makin Bridal Designs’ blog