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Etsy’s most popular wedding trends for 2018

Tips + Advice // by QB

It’s no secret that Etsy is a bride’s (and craft-loving groom’s) best friend. Full of fabulous inspiration, the much-loved site has revealed what wedding trends you’re searching for in 2018. Curious? We know you are…

Stacked rings

We love this look! A great way to incorporate your engagement ring into your ‘set’, the stacked ring trend has quickly become a new classic.

Embroidered dresses

We loved it on our leather jackets and our shirts, now embroidery is also big for wedding dresses! Go classic with floral details or embrace a more modern look with quirky star patterns.

Statement veils

If you thought a veil was outdated and way too old-fashioned, think again. This traditional accessory is having a bit of a revival at the moment, with many brides rocking veils with embroidery, flower petals, block-lettered messages and sequins.

Caped wedding dresses

The cape dress has been popular for a little while now, but we’re glad it’s not going anywhere any time soon. From dreamy, floaty attachments to bold, (slightly) shoulder-padded capes, this trend is sure to give you a little bit of superhero-style confidence on your special day.

Acrylic signs

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Want to add some chic, contemporary style to your wedding styling? Acrylic, baby! Table numbers, signage and even invitations are going clear in 2018. Be sure to use eye-catching (yet still legible) text to really make this look pop.

Unique guestbooks

The humble guest book has been reinvented – seems we’re bored with just writing in a big book. Get your guests to sign and jot down little messages on giant Jenga blocks, painted globes, canvases, puzzle pieces and even beautiful pieces of timber (to be later turned into a cool piece of furniture) for something different but delightful.

Southwestern styling

This is more of a trend in the USA, but we’re fans of the aesthetic here, too. The rustic look is well and truly out and the southwestern look is in! Think western-inspired motifs, cacti, desert-chic décor, macramé and plenty of bright pops of colour. Top it all off by serving gourmet tacos and chargrilled meats with tequila-spiked cocktails on the side!

VIPs (Very Important Pets)

Come on, who can resist that sweet face?! If you’re utterly smitten with your pets and consider them an important part of your lives, involve them in your wedding. And don’t forget to have a few cheeky photos taken with them!

2019 prediction: puffed sleeved dresses

Okay, before you think that the meringue-like, Princess Diana-inspired dresses of the ’80s are making a comeback, settle down. This look is starting to creep back in style, with many designers adding a slight touch of billowy (yes, we said billowy) sleeve to floaty, whimsical dresses. It’s not for everyone but, done right, it can look so romantic!

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