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The royal wedding trends couples are loving

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It’s been over a week but we’re still not over the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry! It seems you’re not either, with couples taking inspiration from the celebration for their own special days. Experts in all things weddings, The International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning have revealed five trends from the global event that are making it big at the moment…

All-children bridal parties

When your bridal party features the future monarch (who happens to be a total cutie) and his oh-so adorable little sister, you’re guaranteed to have a pretty special celebration! Royal status aside, Meghan’s all-children bridal party was just so sweet and made the wedding feel like a real family affair. Including flowergirls and pageboys in the bridal party has dropped in popularity in the last decade or so, but we’re excited to see them make a comeback thanks to Meghan’s influence. Come on, how cute were they?

Fresh and fruity wedding cake flavours

We wanted to eat every single last crumb of those cakes – especially if they tasted as good as they looked! Made from the juice of more than 100 lemons (from the Amalfi Coast, no less) and elderflower syrup made at the Queen’s estate in Sandringham, Meghan and Harry’s wedding cakes broke away from the traditional fruit cake and embraced the season. Chocolate flavours have long been a go-to for cakes, but we’re excited to see more fresh and fruity creations! Top off with indulgent buttercream icing and you’ve got a wedding cake that’s seriously hard to say no to.

Flowers with meaning

We’ll say this over and over again – there are more wedding-ready flowers out there other than just peonies and roses. Ignore Pinterest and go with flowers that you love, particularly if they have a special meaning to you! Meghan’s gorgeous bouquet featured Princess Diana’s favourite bloom, forget-me-nots, as well as sprigs of myrtle that symbolised hope and love. Harry also got involved, handpicking flowers from his and Meghan’s private garden at Kensington Palace for Meghan to carry. Awww!

A focus on music

Turns out Meghan and Harry were very specific about the music they wanted on their big day and boy, they chose well! We’re still getting chills from that rendition of Ben E. King’s ‘Stand by Me’ from the Kingdom Choir. Thinking about exactly the sort of songs to play on the day and including ones that you both really cherish can make your wedding feel even more special. Don’t think you have to go with whatever’s gracing wedding-themed Spotify playlists – we’re looking at you, Ed Sheeran. Instead, think about tunes that you’ve enjoyed from important moments in your life together.

Wedding dresses with modern elegance

Some said it was too simple for a royal wedding, but we’re still huge fans of Meghan’s clean and classic Givenchy dress. Opting for a minimal look that showed off her natural beauty and personality (those freckles!), Meghan stole the show without going over-the-top. We’ve noticed many designers creating dresses with a similar look – keep an eye out for this modern and elegant style that’s sure to fill bridal boutiques around the world!

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