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Roses that last a year! (Plus Q&A with the girl-boss who makes them)

Flowers // by QB

We love flowers here at QB (like, really love them), but we always feel a little sad when they inevitably die – especially with our famous humidity. So when we heard that one Queensland-based boutique was creating utterly gorgeous flower arrangements that last for – wait for it – a whole year, we were obviously curious. The phrase ”What sorcery is this?!” may have even come up. According to Fleur du Luxe founder Bakulia Ayupova, you don’t have to be a Hogwarts graduate to create age-defying flowers; it just takes a little expert know-how and a love for, well, love.

Fleur du Luxe girl with flowers
Bukulia’s super-cool business Fleur du Luxe has quickly become a winner on Insta… and we can see why. Curators of lust-worthy hampers and specially treated blooms that last 365 days (yeah, we’re not kidding), FDL has plenty to offer brides of Queensland.

We know what you’re thinking – surely preserving flowers for a whole year can’t be great for the blooms. Wrong! Ticking all the right boxes (they’re non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, non-flammable and not chemically reactive), Fleur du Luxe’s blooms respect the environment and human health. QB definitely approves!

Q&A: Flowers with Bakulia

Fleur du Luxe founder Bakulia Ayupova
Where are you based?
“We currently have two studios in Queensland – one on the Gold Coast and one in Brisbane – as well as one in Sydney. We’re also opening in London soon and our online store ships worldwide.”

Where do you get your inspiration from?
“I’m inspired by the haute couture fashion world, as well as high-end interior designers. I believe floristry, in general, is becoming more and more of a fashion business – everything from fashion events to high-end hotels and fashion houses are being adorned with gorgeous flowers. Every month I choose a colour to focus on and my inspiration comes predominantly from the catwalks. For example, in late 2017 there was a month in which the fashion world was all about nude tones, and so was our selection of flowers.”

What’s your absolute favourite colour of rose?
“Nude pink or lavender-blue.”

Fleur du Luxe hamper and girl with flowers
What can brides expect from Fleur du Luxe’s online boutique?
“We specialise in mixed arrangements featuring lilies, hydrangeas, roses and (soon) peonies. Our customers are able to request a particular arrangement of their choice and we’ll recreate it in our long-lasting blooms. We currently have around 20 different colours available, plus we bring in seasonal and dual colours, and many other unique colours, like grey, for example.”

Tell us a little bit about your gorgeous hampers…
“We have a range of options available where we have done the shopping for you (think a Chanel lipstick, chocolates, bottle of Moët & Chandon and, of course, a box of roses), but we also offer customised hampers. We once had a groom ask us to create an arrangement with roses in a huge Louis Vuitton box, alongside designer goodies and balloons!”

Fleur du Luxe heartshaped box and girl with flowers
What’s the most important thing brides should consider when ordering long-lasting flowers?
“Timing. We have to keep in mind the preservation process, making sure the desired colours are available and are ready for the special day.”

What’s next for Fleur du Luxe?
“We’re opening our UK studio and styling our first fashion event there. We’re also hoping to expand further into the wedding industry and event styling with more than just flowers, so watch this space! And, of course, we would love to become the leading luxury gift website. Dreams are free, right?”

For a little indulgence and loveliness that lasts a whole year, visit fleurduluxe.com.au or email smile@fleurduluxe.com.au