Groom wedding suit advice with MJ BALE

Expert style advice on wedding suits for the groom

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Could your handsome groom do with some style advice when searching for the right wedding suit? Well, read on because we’ve enlisted the experts from M.J. Bale to share a few pointers.

This Australian-owned menswear brand has a serious track record for style and sustainability. Think top-notch tailoring, super-comfy natural fibres, and single-source Australian Merino wool suits — created with conservationist partner farm, Kingston in Tasmania. Their work was rewarded in 2021 when M.J. Bale became the first Australian fashion brand to be government-certified 100% carbon neutral. Impressive! 

Oh, and they give great advice too.

  1. What’s on the radar for 2022 & beyond when it comes to wedding looks? 

 Expect to see formal weddings dialled up even further as people seek to make a more dramatic impact on their big day (in protest of the dressed-down trend you see in workplaces). Think three-piece tuxedos in custom fabrics like mohair and luxurious wool blends. The momentum around elopements and garden-style weddings isn’t likely to slow down either. Inventing their own traditions, couples are looking towards less traditional but still dressy fare such as three-piece suits worn without ties or classic two-pieces worn with plain white sneakers. 

2. For style-challenged grooms, what’s a fuss-free way to look sharp?

There are no hard or fast rules, but the groom’s outfit should complement both the bride’s gown and location in terms of formality. So, if it’s a formal wedding, the groom would be dressed in a way – arguably traditional black-tie – that reflects the bride’s gown and solemn location; if it is a beach wedding, then there is likewise less emphasis on tradition.

3. How important is a well-fitted suit & what should we look for? 

 The suit should flatter the groom’s proportions in terms of fit. There is nothing worse than seeing a suit that is either too loose and baggy or too tight, particularly on your wedding day, which should be the one day of a man’s life that he should feel happy and confident while looking a million dollars. Oh, and make sure you get a tuxedo you can dance in.

4. How can the groom have his starring role while still creating a cohesive wedding party? 

Let the groom lead the pack by ensuring that the wedding party’s outfits adhere to a consistent theme but make it obvious the groom is the alpha. For example, for a classic black-tie ensemble, have all the gents in a black or navy suit and the groom in a tuxedo in the same shade and fabric — ditto for pale and off-white suits. For a more subtle approach (or dramatic, depending on your inclinations), dress the groomsmen and groom in different colours but ensure that the groomsmen are wearing a carnation that reflects the colours of the groom’s suit. 

5. Top tips for a summer/coastal wedding look? 

For beach weddings, this is where you can — and should — have some fun: sand or cream-coloured two and three-piece suits in linen or cotton paired with a floral shirt, or khaki suit and white open-collar shirt. Going shoeless is fine, maybe even well-advised, but if you’re wearing shoes on the beach, look for a pair of relaxed loafers or even espadrilles. No thongs, please. It’s your wedding day, after all. 

6. And how about a more formal affair …

A tuxedo or two-piece Merino wool suit with tie and pocket square (three-pieces work well too for the more classically inclined). An excellent option is to ‘break’ the colours, wearing a white or cream linen or cotton single – or double-breasted jacket with navy or charcoal wool trousers, 1920s style.

7. Any advice on how to rock a pale suit? 

Keep it classic. Keep it simple. Think about putting an outfit together, like writing a sentence. Too many exclamations and the impact is lost. Add minimal pattern (whether that’s in your shirt, tie or pocket square) and keep your footwear clean (no Air Jordans but a plain white sneaker adds a modern touch). 

8. Many Queensland grooms hang up their jacket after ‘I do’. How do they stay looking the part? 

Look for a shirt that is a touch elevated without screaming for attention. For a white shirt, look for a subtle pattern (either classic self or shadow stripe or jacquard floral design) that upholds taste standards without making you look too dressed down when worn without your jacket. However, an easier way to maintain form and distinction is to opt for a waistcoat or suspenders, which help to punctuate an outfit when you leave your jacket behind. 

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