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Go with the mo: grooming trends we love

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Featured image: Josh & his crew show how it’s done. Photo: Rikki Lancaster

That’s right friends, your betrothed is levelling up his grooming options for the year ahead and we’re taking notes! Here are 3 trends to watch, thanks to Brisbane-based hair educator and go-to grooming guy, Jules Tognini.

1. Moustache on show
Hello, mo? You’re having a moment! We’ve loved watching this trend unfold in recent months, with Queensland grooms not afraid to make facial hair a wedding day feature (love that stashe/suit combo).

Jules notes a renewed sense of playfulness could be a factor. “to lighten the mood, this year will be about fun and experimentation when it comes to grooming and shaving,” he predicts. “We’re already seeing guys begin to embrace the moustache in all its glory, a trend which will continue into years to come” 

One in ten Aussie blokes were thinking of giving the mo a go over summer and beyond, according to research commissioned by Bulldog Skincare for Men (who polled over 1000 locals). A word of caution though. “If you want this look, it’s important to keep it in check. Keep the mo sharp and contained with the right razor,” says Jules, who rates Bulldog Skincare’s Original Bamboo Razor for performance and eco cred.

groom trends
Aaron sported a statement stashe for his hinterland nuptials. Photo: And Ever Collective

2. Self-care for blokes

Wedding prep isn’t just for your bride tribe so expect to see your groom-to-be jostling for mirror space this year (and let’s face it, they always steal our stuff anyway). The Bulldog Skincare research showed almost half (42%) of participants were planning to experiment with a new grooming style this year, with one in five planning to reboot their skincare regime and use more products on a daily basis. 

Jules says this time investment will really pay off. “Looking good is key to feeling good about yourself,” he says. “Finding the best facial hair for your face shape, along with the right skin routine, will help grooms feel confident and look good on their big day.” 

His tip? “Moisturiser really is a man’s best friend — already loads of guys are using their partners’ products, but this year we’ll continue to see guys embrace their own face products,” says Jules. Our tip? Take time to source the perfect broad-spectrum sunscreen he’ll wear every day. This is Queensland after all #sunscreenislife.

groom trends
Good grooming is always ready for its close-up. Photo: Bulb Creative from the wedding of Jessica & Christian

3. Taming the (facial) mane
Iso-beard still going strong? That bad boy is here to stay, but don’t worry, he’s cleaning up his act. “A lot of guys let their facial hair go wild during lockdown,” says Jules. “And while iso-scruff is likely to stick around, we’ll see the novelty of really long and unruly facial hair wear off. Guys will begin paying more attention to their beards, keeping them shorter, cleaner and tidier.”

Jules also notes that education is key for first-timers. “Beard newbies dove into the trend without knowing how to care for their newfound facial hair,” he says. “Without the right products to tame the beard, they can look pretty gross and smell pretty bad. A grown-out beard that isn’t groomed can change your face shape for the worst.” 

There’s also an important peeve at play here. “Tough and dry beard hair can look unruly and even give your partner pash rash – ouch!” Jules says. The solution? A specialised shampoo/conditioner to keep that mane attraction fresh and clean followed by a softening and moisturising beard oil.” “Finally, style your beard with hydrating balm such as Bulldog’s Original Beard Balm to bring a healthy shine and keep the hairs in place,” he says. Ta-da! One beautiful beard.

groom trends with jules tognini
Better shape up. Jules (left) shares a few handy tips

Meet Jules Tognini:
As the son of legendary Brissy hairdresser Benni Tognini, Jules has some serious grooming chops. But it’s his passion for hair education and laid-back, big-fun personality that really turns heads. Jules has been named both mens’ Hairdresser of the Year at the Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards and Australian Educator of the Year. You can follow his style & tips @liloffthetop