Groom style.

6 Modern Looks For The Groom

Grooms // by Chloe Bassett

A few key styling choices will transport your man from good sort to gorgeous groom.

Start with a snappy suit and finish with chic accessories and quality detailing. These six modern looks will steer you on the right path.

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The grooms style check list.

Get the look from Studio 196 Designer Men

An ivory shirt works beautifully with mocha hues and natural materials and lends an earthy charm to black and grey.

Groom style from Elio Moda.

Get the look from Elio Moda

Sleek accessories and quality fabrics will set a sophisticated mood.

Groom style from Roger David.

Get the look from Roger David

Keep the mood young and fresh with a playful printed shirt and accessories in a stylish palette of tan, white and silver.

Groom style from Stuart Suit Specialist.

Get the look from Stuart Suit Specialist

Think dapper and chic with a neutral base and navy accents.

Groom style from Tony Barlow.

Get the look from Tony Barlow

Take a classic white shirt to the next level with a pop of colour, a bold stripe or a textured detail.

Groom style from Suits on Q by Paul Barry

Get the look from Suits on Q by Paul Barry

Make a statement in bold hues and sleek cuts, paying homage to the suave styling of dashing Americana.

Photography by John Downs. Styling by Lauren Gibson.

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