Indul-GENT by stylist Jeff Lack.

IndulGENT: tips from stylist Jeff Lack

Grooms // by Natalie Bannister

Celebrated fashion stylist and grooming expert, Jeff Lack, certainly knows how to pull together a look with a considered, masculine edge. Gentlemen, take note… his tips and advice for the modern groom will have you looking perfectly put together and confident on the big day.

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Grooms historically leave everything until the last minute. Too many times I have heard, “It will be alright on the night.” Plenty of movies have captured the farce that happens between the buck’s party and the wedding day. In movies it may be funny, in reality it is cringeworthy to watch unfold.

From white socks with a black tuxedo to completely mismatched suits (a no-no), wedding parties are a minefi eld of disasters just waiting to happen. I have had grooms stain shirts, rip jackets and pants on the morning of the wedding all to be sorted in time for the church bells.

If you want to look your very best on your wedding day, be prepared. Have a plan (and backup plan) for each stage and element of the wedding. Put together a production schedule with your best man so you both know what’s happening. If you have groomsmen coming from elsewhere, having a tailor on standby (arranged in advance) would be an option. It could also have been good to have the groomsmen arrive earlier for a fi nal fi tting of all suits at least a few days prior to the wedding day.

It’s super important to know what is available, how much everything will cost and where you can get it. This enables eleventh-hour decisions to be executed with precision and minimal fallout

Weddings are the day you’re meant to look your best. Even if it’s your second go around, put some effort in. The photos are going to be around a long time. You had better look the part.

Everything needs to be turned up, not just to 10 – turn it up to 11 – your best look, your best grooming, your best energy.

Now I’ve scared you, let’s take a closer look. The good news is there is a way to work this out. So let’s get real about how to get this right

When it comes to being a groom, tradition dictates that your style takes a backseat to the bride’s. However, this doesn’t mean your formal wear won’t require thought. In fact, with all the planning you may forget to take care of your own style needs.

To help you out, below is a checklist with a timeline that will help keep you on track. Thanks to wedding expert and tailor to the stars, Wil Valor, for helping put together these ‘steps to success’.

Groom style by Jeff Lack.

About three months before the wedding, start by getting fitted for your suit—three months is the absolute minimum time to start. Realistically, the sooner the better, this way there will be no issues. You’ll also want to allow plenty of time to get your groomsmen in for a fitting. Give them a due date that’s a little sooner than you really need. Guys are notorious procrastinators when it comes to getting fitted for formal wear.

It’s back to your tailor to double check and make sure any alterations are perfect. Although a month out seems a little excessive, it will give you time to correct any mistakes or make up for any weight you’ve gained or lost since your initial fitting.

Groom style by Jeff Lack

It’s time to start working on some of the details. This is a good time to get a haircut. It will give you some time to have a little bit of growth but you won’t have that ‘new haircut’ look. It’s also a good time to do any other sort of personal grooming. Start cleaning up facial hair along with your new haircut. This is also a good time to look at the suit to see if it needs a final press.

Pay a visit to where you are dressing on the day of your wedding. Make sure you have all you need for the day. Double check to make sure you have your suit, shirt, tie, shoes, socks, vest, cufflinks and any personal effects like razors, shaving cream, soap, hair products and toothbrush. Also, remember the rings!

Hopefully, by now you’ll be on cruise control because you’ve thought ahead and prepared. Still there are things that must be done. Do your final grooming and get a good close shave. Also don’t forget your deodorant; we tend to sweat during big moments. Check those rings one more time and then hand them to your best man.

The final step will probably be the biggest moment in your life. Since you know all the logistics are taken care of, you’ll be able to take in the moment and enjoy your day.

Indul-GENT style guide for the modern man by Jeff Lack.

This is an edited extract from Indul-gent by Jeff Lack, published by New Holland Publishers ($29.99). Available in all good bookstores and online.

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