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Why the mini-moon is a growing trend (and is it for you?)

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What if taking a fully-blown honeymoon just can’t be on the agenda? We take a look at mini-moons, a growing trend in wedding land.

The basics

A bit more petite than its big sister, the honeymoon, a mini-moon has all the romance, relaxation and rejuvenation offered by a traditional honeymoon, popped into a manageable few days. Perhaps taking time off isn’t feasible (whether it’s thanks to endless work or little tots waiting at home), maybe your budget is a little thin, or maybe you want to catch up with interstate guests outside of your wedding’s busy schedule. Whatever the reason, a short break is certainly popular! We’re seeing more and more couples taking a mini-moon now, and their full length, more traditional honeymoon later.

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As you plan your getaway, try to keep it close enough that you’re not spending hours and hours on travel, be it via plane or car. After all, now’s the time to relax with your sweetheart, and we all know travel certainly isn’t relaxing! While this does mean an escape to Europe is out, you can experience a range of romantic indulgences right on your own doorstep. Check out Location Love below for some ideas if you’re stuck!

Although mini-moons are certainly du jour, you may find that some of your favourite locations don’t have packages tailored specifically for the occasion. Never fear! Book a romance package (most hotels and resorts offer this), and spend the rest of your mini-moon tailoring your own escape.

mini moon

Things to do

Eat and drink: When better to indulge in some of the best food of your life? Pick a restaurant (or two) that you’ve always dreamed of frequenting, and make a point of enjoying a romantic dinner on your weekend away.

Art and culture: Wander hand-in-hand with your sweetheart around the location of your choice, familiarising yourself with the lay of the land and all its cultural delights. Maybe you and your partner are history buffs, avid readers, art lovers or nature children. Whatever you choose, spend some time focusing on pure enjoyment.

Indulge: Raise your hand if you deserve a massage! Linger in a day spa with a romantic treatment for two, working away all those months of stress. QB’s Digital Director, Nikki, suggests going all out with your treatment – follow up the deep massage and scrub with a night on the town, with a degustation menu at a local dining institution and some seriously stellar wines.

Splurge: Take the opportunity to do at least one thing that you’ve never done before, even if you’ve been to the location a million times. A yacht ride, snorkelling, bridge climbing, hiking to a particular locale, hitting the skies in a hot air balloon… just make it a memorable experience for all the right reasons!

mini moon

Photo: Stephen Ward Tourism NSW

Location love

City: Escape interstate to the bigger smokes, Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney has all the glitz and glam a couple could want for, so book a suite in a hotel with exquisite views across the shimmering Sydney Harbour. Melbourne’s cultural vibe has been beckoning couples for many a year, so spend some time exploring its many museums, parklands, and markets, plus all the foodie options your tastebuds could dream of.

Country: The sounds of birdsong and clean country air await – not to mention privacy! Meander into the hills with a hinterland getaway. The Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Hinterlands are always popular, or you can wander further south and hide out in New South Wales’ Northern Rivers for a few days. Bangalow, with its laid-back charm, is one of our favourite little towns.

Beach: There’s nothing we dream about more than getting away for long days filled with sunshine, surf, and sand. Explore the coastline for the perfect seaside mini-moon, or run away to one of our favourite locations, the Whitsundays. Low-key and lovely islands, like Stradbroke, Heron, and Tangalooma, are also ideal. After spending a few days with sun-kissed skin and sand between your toes, you may never want to leave.

International: Okay, we’re suckers for a bit of jet-setting, and can you blame us? Take a short getaway to some islands closer to home. Fiji is a gorgeous mini-moon locale at only four hours away, while beautiful Vanuatu is less than three hours’ flight. Try exploring New Zealand’s north and south islands – at just over three hours away, it’s perfect for an international escape with next to no travel.

mini moon

Photo: Tourism Fij

So, if you’ve decided that a mini-moon is indeed on the cards, grab some more inspiration, accommodation options and romance packages by visiting Australia’s favourite romantic travel magazine (and, our sister-publication), Holidays for Couples.