10 things to do in the week before your wedding

Checklist: 10 things to do in the week before your wedding

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Okay, don’t freak out, but that Queensland wedding you’ve been planning for months (maybe even years!) is just ONE WEEK away. You’ve found your dream wedding dress, you’ve found the best photographer to match your style, and you’ve mastered your seating plan, so now, to help you through the final countdown, here is our handy 10-point checklist of things to do the week before your wedding so you can farewell your engagement era without losing the plot. Breathe in, breathe out, let’s go …

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1. Take the week off

If you can wrangle it. Brides tell us the week before is prime time — even if you think you have everything squared away, there’ll likely be a few last-minute errands. You’ll also be more relaxed to enjoy the handover with your dress designer, rehearsal, welcome dinner, etc.

2. Get your engagement ring cleaned

Your rock will have its own close-up on the big day, so ensure it’s hitting maximum sparkle. You’ll be surprised at what professional cleaning with your jeweller can do (or check out this handy D.I.Y technique).

3. Phone a friend

Touch base with your bridal party about the run sheet of the day and any last-minute questions they (or you) might have.

4. Create a day-of checklist

Whether you’re working with an on-the-day wedding coordinator or handling things yourself, a dot-point list of tasks (note: this is different to your wedding day timeline) will keep everyone on track when the morning of excitement kicks in. Print out a few copies!

5. Collect your gown & take your shoes for a walk

It starts getting real when you pick up your gown! If you haven’t already, collect your gown and wedding shoes … then give ‘em a whirl. Ideally, you’ll want to trial new shoes a few weeks in advance because no bride wants to wince down the aisle in a painful pair of heels.

6. Schedule in self-care

A relaxing massage or long hot soak will help ease away any last-minute wedding jitters. Schedule a fresh mani and pedi for the day or two before if possible.

7. Organise welcome bags & favours

Greeting guests with a welcome bag of goodies (for a destination wedding) or gifting everyone a little reception treat is a thoughtful way to say: thanks for coming! Tick these off your list a day or two in advance.

8. Speak easy

Finalise your vows and speeches. Make sure everything is printed out with a backup on your phone.

9. Check the weather (and your Wet Weather Plan)

The weather is the one thing you can’t control — but you can be prepared with a Plan B that still suits your style.

# 10. Take a moment 

Make time for a screen-free date night or a cosy movie night at home. Don’t let the last days of your engagement era pass you by.