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Focus of Attention: Wedding Photography Styles

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The photos of your wedding will tell your love story for decades to come. Here’s how to choose the right photography style for your unique romance.

No doubt about it, your wedding photographer is there to capture all the heartfelt moments of your day and tell your unique story through a series of beautiful images – but have you considered which style of photography would best articulate your aesthetic and personalities as a couple? From candids to classics, here are our top five wedding photo styles to know and love.

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THE STYLE: Classic


Both functional and timeless, these formal photographs have been considered wedding album staples for decades. You know the style: posed wedding party pictures and classic moments like post-ceremony family portraits, the first dance and of course, cutting the cake. You can expect your photographer to clearly guide or direct you for many of these must-have shots – which makes it an excellent solution for couples who aren’t so comfortable in front of a camera. In fact, even if a photographer specialises in one particular photography style, they’ll no doubt still include a few traditional shots in their repertoire (albeit with a modern twist) to ensure you have a keeper for the family mantelpiece

THE STYLE: Photojournalistic / documentary 


Wedding photography styles
Danielle Webster Photography

With its candid, documentary style, a photojournalistic wedding album will feature all sorts of ‘behind-the-scenes’ shots and captures of the beautiful moments unfolding naturally; all the heartfelt moments, real emotions and joyful celebrations that come along with a wedding. With roots in journalism, this style documents your day like an (incredible) news story by rarely stopping your guests for pictures and providing light direction only when the couple requires. Without manipulation, staging or specific poses, your photographer will capture you and your guests in your most natural and relaxed state. If your primary focus is to ‘stay in the moment’ on your big day, this is the perfect, unobtrusive choice. Expect pictures of your flower girl and maid-of-honour’s impromptu dance-off, the look in your beloved’s eyes as you walk down the aisle, or the mother-of-the-bride beaming with pride during the father-daughter dance.

THE STYLE: Drone / aerial 


Bored of the same-old? Show your wedding day from a different angle (literally!). While you’ll undoubtedly want photos of another style as well, hiring a photographer who also offers drone or aerial photography is a lovely addition to any wedding. It’s particularly impactful for an outdoor ceremony or reception – what better way to show off the dramatic landscape and surrounds of your idyllic venue than with a bird’s-eye view? It’s a modern alternative that allows you to get creative with your photographer and explore textures, colours and the natural world for a frame-worthy finish. Your wedding album will thank you for stepping outside the square.

THE STYLE: Fine art 


Wedding photography styles
Lovelenscapes Photography

Inspired more by artistic directors and works of art than classic reportage, fine art wedding photography is often shot on real film or in a manner that evokes film-like framing. Most wedding photographers who work in this style incorporate a strong storytelling element and a sense of creative vision. In pursuit of that perfect ‘couple shot’ they may direct you to specific locations, ask for various poses and employ post-production techniques to heighten the emotional impact of an image. Additionally, they’ll capture your wedding’s exquisite details to create a cohesive, meaningful, and visually stunning album. Understanding when the lighting or movement is just right at a particular moment is key to your fine art photographer capturing images that will take your breath away. 

THE STYLE: Landscape / adventure 


If you’ve tracked down a jaw-dropping location, adding landscape photography to your more intimate shots is a fabulous way to elevate the wow-factor of your wedding album. Whether you gravitate towards a dramatic or romantic mood, prepare for a stunning series of snaps that show off the adventurous nature of your relationship – be it sharing a kiss under a waterfall, basking in a cliff-edge sunset, or running wild through the ocean tide. Expect to work with your photographer in advance to scope out the local area for that awesome location or angle. And while it might take some adventuring (and perhaps some gown wrangling for the hike up that perfect mountain), slipping away from your wedding party and deep into nature will give you time as a couple to soak in the moment and appreciate your serene scene.