Flash Photography at weddings

Wedding idea to watch: reception flash photography

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Just like the pop of a Champagne cork, flash photography always brings the party. Fun, uncontrived, and a little bit retro, the style long embraced by paparazzi photographers and Polaroid enthusiasts is popping up everywhere at the minute. Very celeb-in-the-headlights. Very Ariana Grande wedding album. [Feature photo: Lovers + Legends]

Wondering when and where to use flash photography at your wedding? We asked photographers Steph and Elliott, the supremely talented (and super fun) duo behind Lovers + Legends, for their take on the trend. These pros work in dreamy daylight — but don’t mind busting out a full flash for those after-dark reception moments.   “We’re definitely crushing on that paparazzi vibe you get,” says Steph. “It has a candid feeling which we love for things like cutting the cake or letting loose on the dance floor. It also adds some variation to your images and lets photographers get more creative with the light and exposure (which is fun for us!).”

Liz at The Lussh. Photo: Lovers + Legends

When to flash (and when to not)…

To achieve that effortless mood, wait for the sun to go down. Direct flash photography come into its own after dark, and it’s also more appropriate for the more informal part of your day (read: not for your vows).

“We always keep it for during the reception,” says Steph. “It works well as the reception generally has a lot more relaxed and fun vibe. Generally, guests and wedding party members are more comfortable being in front of the camera at this point (thanks, alcohol) and so the flash isn’t as disturbing or annoying as it would be earlier in the day.” 

Jess & Jordan. Photo: Lovers + Legends

5 fun flash moments

When everyone’s ready to party, chat to your photographer about creating that fun flash feel.

  1. Reception details eg. cake or florals
  2. Cake cutting
  3. Dance floor shenanigans
  4. Bouquet toss
  5. Wedding exit
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Marina MAachaedo cake flash photography
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