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Meet Gold Coast wedding photographer, Danielle Webster

Danielle Webster Gold Coast Photographer

When not savouring family life, chilling out at yoga or undertaking adventures with her fur babies, you’ll find this Gold Coast wedding photographer chasing the light in her pursuit of visual storytelling.

No doubt, Danielle Webster loves those special moments in life and knows how to capture gorgeous pictures that tell a memorable story, with her roots in family photography. And, so, it was a natural progression for her to discover further that documenting the special times of a couple on their big day was where the magic really happens. In fact, for this self-declared romantic at heart, the beauty and irreplaceable moments of the wedding day are her greatest pleasure to capture and she now finds herself travelling from coast to country, all in the name of love.

Here, we take five minutes to uncover a little more about this talented Gold Coast photographer who is unsurprisingly making a big splash on the wedding scene. We mean, seriously, one look at her photos is all it takes to understand why. W.O.W! …

QB: Can we rewind to what first sparked your interest in wedding photography and how Danielle Webster Photography came about?

Danielle: I began my photography journey specialising in family, maternity and lifestyle sessions, and it was this type of storytelling that filled my calendar in the first two years. Then, one day I received an email asking if I would photograph an existing client’s wedding. Although I didn’t have any experience in the industry, I jumped at the opportunity. After photographing the day, I knew this was where I wanted to direct my business. I loved the fast-paced nature of how the day unfolds and having to think on my feet whilst being surrounded by beauty. From there, I slowly started building my portfolio and clients in the wedding industry, and I haven’t looked back. 

QB: How would you describe your style of photography?

Danielle: My style is a mix of natural/ photojournalism. I love to use natural light and capture all the candid moments, really focusing on that storytelling approach. Of course, I still get those dreamy and classic money shots too.

QB: What fascinates you – and how does this feed into your work?

Danielle: LIGHT! Light fascinates me, and I use natural light to get different kinds of images throughout the day. I’m also fascinated by mother earth and let my surroundings ground myself and my couples into the creative zone.

QB: What advice can you offer couples who are a little nervous about being in front of the lens on their big day?

Danielle: It is entirely normal, and I would be surprised if anyone felt completely comfortable being the main focus. However, I always recommend catching up and having the chance to build a rapport with your photographer so that everyone is comfortable with each other on the day. Also, I think the bridal session part of the day is a fantastic time for couples to spend some quality time together with a bit of peace away from guests. This is when they can focus on being in the moment with each other, feel the love, and let their photographer capture these magic moments naturally.

QB: While all moments of a wedding are special, is there a particular one that you love capturing?

Danielle: If I had to pick just one, I would say I look forward to the ‘golden hour’ the most. Seriously, the photos captured around sunset and in the last couple of hours of the day are just so magical, and I look forward to this time so much. I highly recommend that couples speak to their photographer about their schedule as they can help you time everything around the light.

QB: Finish this sentence; On your wedding day …

Danielle: Relax, trust your vendors and have the FUN!

QB: What’s next? What do you look forward to most for Danielle Webster Photography?

Danielle: I’ve got quite the full calendar of weddings this year (catching up on my COVID-19 affected bookings) but I am so enjoying the excitement of capturing so many beautiful celebrations. Next year, I’ll be taking some time to dive back into mentorship when I can work and share some insights with a bunch of up and coming wedding photographers here in Queensland. Of course, this will all fit in between me continuing to chase the light and document many more love stories around the Gold Coast and beyond.

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