Sunshine Coast photo locations

Epic Photo Location: Sunshine Coast

Photography // Stories // by QB

Featured image: Mallory Sparkles Photography

From coast to country, the Sunshine Coast is a photographer’s dream destination. Well versed in both the language of love and tracking down epic locations, we asked a selection of talented pros to share their favourite Sunshine Coast images and give us the scoop on why this region is pure magic for couples.

Photographer: All The Love In The World

All the love in the world, Sunshine Coast photo locations

“I love the Sunshine Coast for the diversity it offers me as a wedding photographer. There are near-deserted beaches and crowded beaches, rainforest and bushland, mountains and flat plains, rocky cliffs and sand dunes, sweeping coastal views and hidden beach caves. There is something to suit every nature lover, except snow and freezing cold temperatures! I love diversity of environment as it pushes me creatively and artistically to produce photographs that are fresh and innovative. The Coast also provides amazing opportunities to get creative with my drone and to reimagine photography, from above.” – Jesse

Photographer: Jessica Lea Photography

“From the epic headland locations of the coast to the incredible and breathtaking beauty of the hinterland, the Sunshine Coast is one of my favourite locations for weddings. There is just so much choice, like the iconic One Tree Hill paddock in Maleny and the headland at Caloundra, and more (and, if you plan your shoot well, you can even cover several locations in a single session!). I also love how helpful and friendly the local community is.” – Jessica

Photographer: Mallory Sparkles

“I love shooting on Sunshine Coast beaches because they’re so naturally stunning (and clean!). Morning, sunset  or dusk, they’re just sublime. And for a magical mood, the hinterland is a true haven – so peaceful, so gorgeous, and sooo romantic.” – Mallory