Groom and groomsmen in traditional Scottish kilts photographed by Christopher Thomas Photography.

Five minutes with master photographer, Christopher Thomas

Photography // by The QB Team

When the speeches are done, the cake has been cut and the last song has played, all you have left of your special day are the photos and memories. Capturing it all really is an art, so finding the right photographer and getting to know them can really make all the difference. We sat down with Master Photographer, Christopher Thomas, and talked about (what else?) what makes a great wedding photo.

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What made you want to be a wedding photographer?
From the outset, I wanted to create beautiful portraiture. Portraiture is the depiction of a person in their environment, showcasing who they truly are, in a single capture. Wedding photography at its core is portraiture on an extremely emotional level. It always made sense to photograph people on their most memorable day and to create the most precious photos on one of the most important days of their life. These pictures will be shared within their family for generations, even centuries, thanks to our archival in-house printing techniques and album production.

What new trends in wedding photos are Queensland brides starting to adopt, and do you encourage?
On the contrary, we don’t follow current trends. We specialise in timeless photography, that transcends time and will still be relevant for decades to come.

What do brides quite often not do – or not bring – on the day but should?
They should absolutely bring their sense of humour!  And, include family as much as possible, after all, they should embrace the idea that this is the real beginning of their very own family. We highly recommend that they stop and take moments to breathe and try to take in everything that is happening. Try to make the day full of truly meaningful experiences – be a part of every conversation, enjoy every whiff of flower, every vow, every time they look into their husband’s eyes.

And lastly, take your time …

What help can you give a bride who’s nervous or uncomfortable in front of the camera?
Don’t worry about it at all. My job is to help them relax and connect with the each other. Rapport with the couple is paramount. I take the time to learn about the couple before the ceremony. Wedding portraiture is more about documenting their connection with their husband rather than worrying about the camera itself. The camera is irrelevant in the situation.

While all moments of a wedding are special, is there a particular one that you love capturing?
We particularly like the time that the couple spends in the few minutes after they have signed the register. Their witnesses are signing, and they have a moment or two to have a little cuddle, and say the first “ I love you” following the ceremony.

Bride and groom on a hill photographed by Christopher Thomas Photography.

Bride and groom walking down the aisle photographed by Christopher Thomas Photography.

Groom getting ready for wedding photographed by Christopher Thomas Photography.

Groom portrait photographed by Christopher Thomas Photography.

Bride and groom photographed by Christopher Thomas Photography.

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