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#BrideTribe moments

Bridesmaids // Photography // by The QB Team

We all know that one of the best parts of going out is the ‘getting ready’ with your girlfriends. Popping the Champagne corks, hitting play on the tunes – it’s all these in-between moments that make for the best memories. So taking a moment on your big day to just enjoy being with your #bridetribe is something you’ll truly look back on and treasure. Don’t just take our word for it, the proof’s in these gorgeous photos.

Feature image: We find the best light, make real and beautiful connections with the bridesmaids, and just let the fun and their friendship naturally unfold” Dee Green, 37 Frames Photography

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Bride and bridesmaids having a giggle in their gowns.

It’s important to keep the bridesmaids happy, which means giving them time to do what they need to do, and getting them involved” Andrew Porfyri, Porfyri Photography

Bridesmaids getting ready together.

Bride and bridesmaids in the photobooth.

The key to flattering skin in a photo is light, light and more light – so try to choose a room in your home or hotel that has big glass doors and face towards the light” Natalie Lynn, Milque Photography and Films

Bride and her bridetribe with their bouquets.

Bride and bridetribe having a glass of champagne before the wedding.

While it’s great to have gorgeous posed images, my brides always love the more candid approach. I’ll ask brides to walk, chat and even tell embarrassing stories to get those real laughs” Lyndal Carmichael

Bride and her bridetribe in the rain.

Bride and her bridetribe with their bouquets.

We aim for candid photos of the bridal party, which generally happen as they’re walking to the area for photos. Everyone is relaxed and laughing naturally… better yet, they’re not expecting to be photographed, which always results in fun, fresh, and candid photos” Jewlie Halliday, Evernew Studio

Bride and her #bridetribe with their bouquets.

Bride and her #bridetribe ready to party!

We love bridesmaids who are out for a party! Look how much fun they’re having!” Christopher Thomas, Christopher Thomas Photography

Bride and her #bridetribe with the bouquets.

Bride and her #bridetribe on the beach ready to party!

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