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The latest wedding reception trends to watch

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Wondering which wedding reception ideas are trending? We’ve rounded up five fresh reception ideas perfect for a modern Queensland wedding (hint: It’s all about the party!).

1. The reception mini

Okay, so this ‘trend’ is not going anywhere because brides are WHOLEHEARTEDLY embracing the second/party/reception mini dress. Some are even tapping their gown designer for a couture creation with major wear-again potential. They’re cute, they’re fun, and they’re super easy to dance in. We love.

2. Prioritising the party

It’s the message we’re hearing loud and clear from couples everywhere:

“We want our reception to feel like a big party”.

Makes sense. After months (or years) of planning, you have your favourite people, the perfect playlist, and a wedding day high that just won’t quit. Honour your elegant, formal, or rustic styling — just make it fun. Think free-flowing food and drinks, a DJ or live band, plenty of room for dancing, and a fun vibe that kicks off at cocktail hour (if not before) and extends to the after-party burger run. Expect this to translate to your wedding album too, where photos of spontaneous dance-floor shenanigans are sure to become some of your favourites.

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3. Family-style dining

So you want the Goldilocks of reception meals: more formal than a buffet but more relaxed than a pre-plated drop? Introducing: family-style dining. As the name suggests, this style channels the way you might eat at home, where dishes are placed in the centre of the table. Guests don’t have to roam the room balancing plates and they’ll still have a chance to interact as they pass the potatoes. Sure, this style will take up extra space on your tables, but it will give your reception a warm, relaxed, family vibe. An expanded take on grazing platters, family-style dining is perfect if you’re working with a caterer, and most venues will be able to create this convivial feel.

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4. A shake-up for formalities

Just like rigid receiving lines and meticulously matched bridal parties, certain traditions are stepping aside (or at least loosening up a little). Who says you have to cut the cake last? Or even have a cake at all? Consider cake for cocktail hour or even at your post the next day. Or subbing it out for a French-style croquembouche, cheese station, or dessert table. Do you really need to dedicate a large portion of the night to speeches? After all, nothing kills the party buzz quite like an overly formal, way-too-long ramble. Instead? Mini toasts and off-the-cuff stories delivered by you and your guests. Oh, and if you’re keen to step up and make the night’s official ‘toast’ before (or instead of) your husband, we’ll be cheering you on. 

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5. Happy tiers (of cake or Champagne)

Yep, with guest lists on the rise, so are the cakes. Expect a grand return to 3+ tiers alongside our continued obsession with vintage piped buttercream creations (Google ‘Lambeth cake’ you’ll get the idea). Not taken with towers? Try a trio of cakes instead. Get stuck into the delicious details with your cake creative when it comes to flavours, finishes, and shapes that nod to your personal tastes. Or opt for one big heart-shaped beauty showered in fresh berries or studded with maraschino cherries and, you guessed it, more of that retro piping!

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