10 things to do when you're engaged

Beyond yes: 10 things to do when you’re engaged

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Both the question and the Champagne have been popped – congratulations to you both on this exciting time of your lives. Now, before you go getting caught up in the post-engagement flurry, take note of these 10 things to do first.

1. Share the love

Once you’ve come down from the excitement, it’s time to share the news! We’re not talking a general Facebook or Twitter blast (that can come later), your nearest and dearest will absolutely want to hear the happy news from you personally. Brace yourself – you’re going to be recounting your proposal story a LOT – but remember that each person you tell will be hearing it for the first time, so stay excited and relish the moment.

2. Make it fit

So, you have this beautiful sparkler gracing your left hand (as if you can stop looking at it!) Well, it’s time to make sure that your ring is a perfect fit, and if not, get it re-sized asap – this can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. The last thing you need in your first week of engaged bliss is to lose your ring down a drain! And if your proposal didn’t include a ring, it’s time to hit the jewellers. Best. Shopping. Trip. Ever.

3. Keep it precious

Now that you’re sporting some serious dollars on your finger, it’s a good idea to make sure your shiny new ring is protected. Consider organising ring insurance as quickly as possible – depending on your provider, this could be added to your home and contents insurance or you may need to take out a separate policy. While you may not think you need it – and you may ultimately decide against insurance – it’s definitely a decision that’s worth serious consideration.

4. Mani time

Must we explain? You’re going to be showing off your hand to the world! Before you share your perfect proposal on social media, pretty up those fingers with a mani.

5. Set a date (kind of)

Even if you and your fiancé aren’t ready to lock down a definite date, it’s a good idea to have a general timeframe for your big day. Not only will an answer like “spring 2020” help you field the onslaught of questions after you’ve announced your engagement, it’s especially important if you’re considering having a destination wedding or inviting friends and family from overseas. Believe us when we say that your guests will thank you for the ample notice.

10 things to do when engaged

6. Get ready to party

While certainly not compulsory, many couples will choose to celebrate their exciting news with an engagement party. This is your first pre-wedding event and will help you learn the planning ropes for your big day, so begin brainstorming a date, location, theme and even a photographer. There are so many ways to celebrate and it doesn’t need to be an OTT shebang. Gather your nearest and dearest for an intimate dinner party, host a backyard barbie, book a rooftop venue and put a bar tab on – whatever takes your fancy and suits your style (and, most importantly, your budget!)

7. Gather inspiration

Inspiration for your big day can come from anywhere and everywhere, so set up a Pinterest board, scroll that Instagram feed, download the latest planning app, flag some magazine pages and start collecting ideas. Another great resource is the stories of couples who have already been there and done that, and are willing to share their experience. Check out the collection of weddings in this issue and find hundreds more online at queenslandbrides.com.au

8. Start dreaming

Give yourself a little time before you dive into full-blown wedding planning to simply dream. After a bit of time pinning and scrolling, you’ll start to create a vision of how you want your day to look and feel, how you see yourself as a bride or groom, and the type of event you think best represents you as a couple.

9. Get saving

Let’s not beat around the bush: weddings cost money, and plenty of it, so open up a special savings account so you can track exactly where you’re at financially throughout your planning process. Now’s also the time to get a general feel for your wedding budget and to develop a savings goal.

10. Make it special

Being freshly engaged is a special time, so ensure you take a moment to simply enjoy each other’s company an appreciate one of life’s big milestones. One special thing to do together is an engagement shoot. This not only provides you with a fabulous keepsake of an important and romantic time in your life, it’s also a great way to test out a wedding photographer you may have on your radar.


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