wedding transport tips

Wedding Transport Tips

Tips + Advice // by Nicole Deuble

Linda Woodroffe from classic car hire company Holden Oldies shares her advice for getting to the church on time – and on budget!

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1. Budget realistically for the size of your bridal party. Get quotes for different transport types before finalising your budget. Consider classic cars, Kombis, modern sedans, stretch limousines, super stretches and even buses!

2. Use licensed operators. Not only are these cars regulated for safety, but they won’t cancel on you a day, week or a month before your wedding date! You will have service contracts with the company to protect you from this last-minute stress!

3. Consider mixing cars up. Have a classic limousine and a stretch or a Kombi. Your cars don’t have to match, and you can get a variety of great photos depending on the style of the cars you book.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for a package to suit your budget. Maybe a weekday package can be upgraded, or a summer wedding discounted. Wedding car operators love weddings! Most are happy to discuss your timeline and work out a package that’s just right for your day.

5. Booking a longer package can often mean the groom and groomsmen also get a ride in the cars to the ceremony. That saves them having to drive themselves or get someone to pick them up.

6. If you’re renting cars, check that the rental fees, insurance and refuelling isn’t going to cost as much as a chauffeured limousine. Make sure the friend you ask to drive is happy to leave their partner/date for a few hours while location photos are being done.

7. If you are borrowing cars from family members or friends make sure they are well maintained, and don’t pay them – ask that they drive you as their gift (saves insurance problems if there’s an accident).

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