Suitcases for your unique honeymoon.

5 Unique Honeymoon Ideas For The Untraditional Couple

Honeymoon // by Natasha Pavez

Because the wedding isn’t the only thing you’re looking forward to, right?

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1. The honeymoon of your dreams out of reach? Try a honeymoon registry. Rather than guests contributing money to a generic honeymoon fund, they can instead buy you and your partner an ‘experience’ – one which you’ve chosen yourself. We love Travel Registry – it allows you to create a bespoke registry in a fabulously easy way.

2. If your ideal honeymoon isn’t built for two, you might be thinking about a buddymoon, like Alica Keys and hubby Swizz Beatz. Take your friends along on a holiday that you’ll all enjoy, with memories both romantic and fun-filled awaiting. It’s the perfect idea if you’ve got guests arriving from afar for your big day.

3. So you and your partner can’t agree on a destination? Don’t fret, just indulge in a honeymoon mashup! Spend some time in two totally different locales for a honeymoon experience that’s as unique as the pair of you.

4. We’re seeing more and more couples revealing their humanitarian side on their honeymoon – hello, voluntourism. Plenty of locations around the world will allow you and your partner to aid in a community, while learning about the region you’re in and the people you’re with. (Psst, the Ritz- Carlton offers Give Back Getaways in America if you’re interested.) Or try these othere great ideas on honeymoons that give back.

5. You missed the ‘traditional’ honeymoon, but that doesn’t mean you’re resigned to a honeymoonless existence. Organise a getaway for two, where you’ll rediscover all the love from your big day. We especially love when couples choose to take this honeymoon on a milestone anniversary.

To find your perfect destination for two, or to get some serious honeymoon and short break inspiration, head to our super helpful honeymoon directory and visit Holidays for Couples