Bride getting makeup done.

The Hair and Beauty Advice You Need To Know

Hair + Beauty // by Chloe Bassett

With hair and beauty being such an enormous part of your wedding day, getting prepared can be stressful for any bride-to-be. Here are a bunch of tips to make this daunting deed as easy as possible including expert advice from our style gurus…

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• If you intend on getting a spray tan for your big day, make sure you have a test run before your trial so you and your makeup artist can see what colour your skin becomes when colour matching your base.

• “Ensure you have your initial aesthetic consultation a minimum of six to eight weeks in advance of your wedding day. This way your technician will have time to understand how your face and body responds to the recommended treatments and you can be happy with the look you have achieved ahead of time.” Australian Skin Clinics

• Use sunscreen on your skin and lips. This will stop you from getting burnt and aid with ageing skin.

• “A great way to uncover instantly smooth skin is to exfoliate. Do this three times a week using mild, gentle products. Ridding the skin of dry skin cells creates a smoother appearance and a perfect base. No amount of primer will disguise dry and uneven skin.” Bayly Allure Mobile Make-up Artistry

• Moisturise! This is essential to make sure your skin is glowing and in the best condition.

Bride getting her makeup done.

Wedding of Shelly and Rob. Photographer: Jess Jackson


• “Wear a white button up shirt when having your trial. This will enable you to see how your makeup looks against a pale colour. Also, take a picture of yourself in the daylight without a flash, to see how your face will look in your wedding day snaps.” Hair and Make-up Artistry by Giulia

• Ensure you have your makeup trial at least a week before your wedding. This will help with any last minute decisions or alterations.

• “Use light-coloured shadows to enhance and bring areas forward. Also, highlighting under the brow bone creates a more lifted appearance.” Apollo’s Day Spa

• If you want to match the colour of your makeup with your accessories, bring in a photograph so there are no surprises.

• “Opt for individual lashes rather than a full strip to make your eyes stand out. For added effect, go for differing lengths to create a fluttery look.” Hair and Make-up Artistry by Giulia

• “Always match your foundation to your décolletage.” TWIDALE Hair + Makeup Artists


• “Shampoo your hair twice – first to remove any products or free radicals, the second to clean your hair. Rinse with cold water to help with shine.” Beauty by Corinne

• Start regular hair treatments at least three months before your wedding day, including getting your hair trimmed. This will help eliminate dead ends as well as keep it looking and feeling fresh.

• “Pick a hairstyle you’ll be comfortable wearing. If you’re used to having your hair out, tightly pinning it back may cause headaches and discomfort. If you’re used to having your hair up, avoid picking a style where you’ll have hair around your face as it may annoy you.” Smoke and Mirrors Beauty

• Make sure your hair is completely dry before your hairstylist arrives on the day. If needed your stylist can dampen your hair with a spray bottle.

• Choose a hairstyle you love wholeheartedly – one that you can rock, will give you a mountain of confidence and make you feel like a million dollars!

• If you have your wedding dress before your trial, bring a photograph in to show your stylist. This will help with the discussions about what will and won’t work.


• Be sure to drink at least two litres of water a day. This will keep you and your skin hydrated.

• As difficult as it may be aim to get eight hours worth of sleep per night.

• When drinking tea, coffee or anything cold, drink through a straw to minimise contact with teeth as well as stains. Swishing water in your mouth after consuming these is a great way to keep your smile naturally whiter.

• “Eating strawberries, apples and pears help remove stains with their gentle acids. Raw, crunchy foods such as carrots and celery also make great abrasives and gently massage your gums to keep them healthy.” Ethos Orthodontics

• Treat yourself to a regular manicure and pedicure to ensure your nails are in the best condition possible.

• Take part in some form of regular exercise. This could include activities such as walking or yoga – it doesn’t have to be anything strenuous. The perks are endless!



• “Don’t try any new products or treatments right before your wedding day that may cause your skin to break out or become inflamed. Stick to what you know and see your regular professionals.” Smoke and Mirrors Beauty

• As hard as it may be, avoid squeezing and touching your spots! There are an array of products out there that can aid in drying them out including toothpaste.

• “Don’t get any kind of waxing done on your wedding day as this usually causes skin irritation.” Kylie’s Professional

• “Don’t put up with pitted scarring from previous acne outbreaks or chicken pox. Look for combined dermal and radio frequency treatments that can improve your skin texture.” Australian Skin Clinics


• “If your eyes tend to be quite small don’t load your lids with dark colours, as this will make them look even smaller.” TWIDALE Hair + Makeup Artists

• Don’t keep mascara for more than three months. After this point it becomes thick, gluggy and houses a multitude of bacteria.

• “Don’t have your face glossy all over as your contours will get lost. Use matte tones with a touch of gloss to create a softer, polished look.” Latona’s Professional Make-up Supplies

• Don’t opt for a look that you aren’t completely happy with. It’s okay to change your mind or bring new ideas to the table during or after your trial.

• “Be aware that foundations containing a lot of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide have a reflective quality which will make your face look grey or appear whiter in photos. Ensure the products your makeup artist uses don’t contain these.” Latona’s Professional Make-up Supplies

• “Avoid using pastel eye shadows, especially pink, blue and mauve, as these colours accentuate dreaded red eyes and dark circles.” Apollo’s Day Spa


• “Don’t use supermarket shampoo and conditioners. They’re detergent based – not only does styling your hair become very difficult, your hair also becomes oily at the roots.” Sue Black Hairdressing

• As most of us would probably already do, avoid brushing your hair completely when it’s wet as it causes the hair to stretch and break.

• “Don’t spray hairspray too close to your newly done do. This will create a hard shiny spot that may go crusty or create dirty-looking patches in parts of your hair. Mist hairspray from about 30 centimetres away and layer gradually for the best results and maximum holding power.” Latona’s Professional Make-up Supplies

• Avoid having your hair cut after your trial and before your wedding day. It’s a lot easier for hairstylists to hide hair rather than create something around a lack of it.

• “Don’t be talked into a hairstyle you don’t like or want, and avoid making drastic changes to your hair and hair colour just before your wedding. The last thing you need is to feel uncomfortable in any way.” Hare’s Hair


• “If you decide to bleach your teeth, don’t go too white! You want to have a natural looking smile; having overly white teeth will take that away. Just because celebrities do, doesn’t mean you should. If you want to have your teeth whitened professionally, it’s important to visit your general dentist to discuss which treatment is best for you.” Ethos Orthodontics

• Avoid biting your nails and the skin around them. This will make them damaged, broken and less than picture perfect. Nobody wants shabby-looking paws on their wedding day!

• Don’t start any intensive exercise right before your special day. Doing so could make your muscles tight and your body sore and fatigued.

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