Glow, baby! Expert beauty tips for summer brides

Hair + Beauty // by QB

Summer is officially here and we all know what that can mean – sweat moustaches, clumpy face powder and limp hair. No need to start re-planning your summer wedding, though. We asked the beauty experts for their tricks of the trade to keep you looking cool, calm and utterly fabulous on your special day.

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llstylephoto-laure-de-sagazan--jumpsuit-3Don’t sweat it!

“The summer heat combined with any big-day butterflies could see you sweating more than you expected. Reduce perspiration and enjoy your special day comfortably with a sweat-reduction treatment which uses cosmetic injections to block the nerve impulse and deactivate the sweat glands under the arms. Benefits are almost immediate and can last up to nine months post-treatment.” Darlene, Australian Skin Clinics

FW19_Grecco_BS_134Instant glow

A face oil is an essential step for any bride who wants beautiful, glowing skin on their wedding day, as it penetrates the deeper dermal layers to deliver great nutrition, feeding your skin the vitamins and minerals it needs to be genuinely healthy. The perfect face oil for the Australian summer is prickly pear seed oil, as it absorbs into the skin immediately. Prickly pear seed is packed with vitamins E and K, so it is very potent yet remarkably gentle – it helps brighten and even skin tone, giving it that gorgeous glow every bride wants for her wedding photos.” Tanya, Indagare Natural Beauty

Press_-Charlotte_1-Jenny-by-Jenny-YooNo fillers required

“For the ultimate wedding-day smile, create the illusion of a fuller pout by slightly over-lining the lips with a darker pencil and fill with something a little lighter in a satin or gloss finish. It’s an easy way to get shapely lips that boast lots of volume without the need for cosmetic fillers.” Kristy, A Blushing Beauty

F_MG_1145R-DaalarnaBarely there

“Makeup and hair trends are being influenced by the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Viewers around the world were questioning, ‘is Meghan even wearing makeup?’ A natural, dewy and luminous finish is on-trend for makeup for spring/summer 2018. Hair-wise, turn to loose curls, braids and twists – they’re the ultimate combination of tousled, textured and perfectly imperfect messy hair. Long veils and Swarovski crystal headpieces are also back!” Giulia, Hair & Makeup Artistry

FW19_WToo_29Beauty 101

“Start with a good base – and we’re not talking about foundation! The healthier your skin, the better your makeup will apply and the longer it will last. In the months leading up to the big day, pamper yourself with facials and skincare. If you have a particular skin concern, a dermatologist can really help. There are lots of at-home beauty secrets that can soothe and improve your skin, too. For instance, reduce redness and puffiness with ice! Simply take some ice cubes and rub them over your skin after showering, morning and night. This will help calm irritable or sensitive skin, reduce pimples and tighten pores.” Michael, Huxley School of Makeup

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