Tips from the experts to help you get skin that glows

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While we’d all like to proudly proclaim that we exfoliate weekly and moisturise on a twice-daily basis, there are days when the pillow is admittedly our makeup remover of choice. In humid Queensland, sweat can also be an issue, and they clearly lied when they said spots were only for teenage years!

To help you get skin that glows, the best in the Queensland bridal beauty biz have shared a few expert tips so you’ll have flawless skin primed and ready for wedding day makeup – and it isn’t as time-consuming as you might think.

beauty tips to get skin that glows

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Get into a routine


Kylie Eustace, Kylie’s Professional“Moisturise, and look after your skin in preparation for your wedding. Having regular facials is a good idea, and be sure to exfoliate your face a few days before your trial and your wedding day, and come with cleansed and lightly moisturised skin.”

Claire, Integrity Skin“If you suffer from blackheads or hormonal spots, try a prescribed spot-treatment product as part of your skincare regime. It will exfoliate the skin and clear out pores. Salicylic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it’s great for blemishes that have become inflamed.”

Celeste, Latonas Makeup Supplies“Consult a beauty therapist to put you on a good skin regime, but do this at least three months prior to your wedding. Changing skincare routines too close to the day can be a disaster if your skin reacts and has breakouts.”

Brooke Jesberg, Brooklyn Beauty Bar“Three facials (one per month) is often all it takes to get skin looking its best. Get your skin analysed, have the correct skin care routine prescribed and use products containing vitamin C [exfoliating acids] to achieve ‘the big glow’.”

Brooke Jesberg, Brooklyn Beauty Bar“Peels really work and should be part of a pre-wedding beauty regime (but make sure you have your last peel two weeks prior to the big day). There are chemical, mechanical and natural herbal peels – I’ve seen some very scary and sad results from chemical peels, so do it the natural way. There’s a herbal peel that I love that’s twice as strong as microdermabrasion. If I could only do one thing for my wedding, this would be it.”

Claire, Integrity Skin“Reduce sugary drinks, up your water intake and start drinking green tea, preferably every day. It can help with weight loss, alongside a good diet and exercise regime, and many people swear by its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help brighten the skin and reduce acne.”

h20 guide to beauty

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H2O glow


Abigael Johnston, Two Makeup Chicks“Your makeup artist can ‘cover’, ‘fix’ and ‘hide’ most things, but the one thing they can’t solve is dehydration in the skin.”

Brooke Jesberg, Brooklyn Beauty Bar“When it comes to hydration, drinking eight glasses of water a day and simply moisturising your face daily are a good start, but they’re not enough. Oil-based skincare products are key. Water-based products (about 98% of what’s on the market) only retain moisture on surface skin cells for up to two hours, whereas it’s up to 10 hours for oil-based products.

beauty stress release



Claire, Integrity Skin“Stress will often cause breakouts, which is unfortunate, as the run-up to your wedding day can be an extremely stressful time! Get regular sleep, download a meditation app and use it daily.”

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