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Meet Kylie Eustace…
She’s a makeup artist and hairstylist who has made her life’s work about making women feel beautiful. It all stems from a love of playing with her mother’s makeup, and stopping at the local cosmetics store on her way home from school, admiring all the pretty colours and seeing how happy women were when they were all made up.

She’s been a makeup artist for more than 25 years, but in 2004 – with sensitive skin causing issues for her and so many clients – she branched out to create her own line of all-natural products, Kylie’s Professional. What started as a fun sideline hobby has grown into an award-winning range of natural, ethical and cruelty-free makeup products.

These days you’ll find Kylie in her Gold Coast salon, on location doing freelance work, or in the lab devising gorgeous new products. We managed to track her down for a chat about one of our favourite subjects: wedding day makeup.

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Kylie Eustace

Photo of Ashleigh Kelly and her bride tribe by Daisy & The Duke

Why should a bride have professional makeup applied for her big day?
“You can’t understate the confidence a bride will get from having her makeup done by an expert. The word ‘professional’ says it all. They know exactly what’s required and can easily adapt if complications arise. They also only use the best professional products and equipment so the result will look good and last. An inexperienced bridal makeup artist – unprepared, under pressure and perhaps cutting corners – can lead to disastrous results.”

What about someone who prefers a more natural look? Can she also benefit from a professional makeup artist?
“Absolutely! Just because you don’t want your makeup to be noticeable, you’ll still want it to look amazing in your photos. Great natural-looking makeup still takes considerable skill and time to achieve. Properly applied professional products will ensure long-lasting but natural-looking coverage, with your best features subtly accentuated and any blemishes hidden.”

What are the most common mistakes brides make when it comes to their wedding makeup?
“1. Choosing a makeup artist who’s not experienced in wedding makeup. 2. Poor time-management – there are invariably holdups and mishaps and you need to allow plenty of time for the unexpected. 3. Choosing a look that’s too high-fashion and doesn’t work well in photos (such as over-highlighting or thick, heavy eyeliner that will close the eyes in). Wedding makeup should be classy and timeless – don’t go overboard or try out the latest, hot fashion trend.”

Kylie Eustace

Photo of Ashleigh Kelly and her bride tribe by Daisy & The Duke

What’s the best way to prep skin before applying makeup?
“Applying hydrating facial primer to a freshly cleansed face is the best preparation before applying makeup on the big day. But only if your skin is regularly moisturised and well-hydrated, and exfoliated one-to-three days beforehand.”

Do you recommend a makeup trial before a wedding?
“Yes. It’s the best way to confirm the bride’s vision for the day and make sure you’re both completely happy with the desired look. It should generally take about an hour.”

What should a bride-to-be bring to her trial?
“Details about the theme and style of her wedding, photos of her gown (with colour swatches if possible), and any headpiece or jewellery that she’ll be wearing on the day. Or at least a photo of it!”

Kylie Eustace

Photo of Kylie adding the finishing touches to bride Samantha Ward by Poppy Lane Wedding Photography

If a bride as her heart set on a particular look but it doesn’t look good on her, will you tell her?
“I’ll definitely try to guide her towards an alternative that has a similar effect but suits her. Usually brides will appreciate a professional opinion. The most important thing is that they feel like themselves and feel comfortable with their choice.”

What products should all brides have handy for touch-ups on the big day?
“Lipstick, tissues to blot their face and a touch-up setting powder in case they’re prone to excessive shine.”

Is there a current look or makeup trend that you wish would go away?
“Black liner worn on the waterline of the eye – it just doesn’t suit everyone.”

Kylie Eustace

Leah Cruikshank Photography

What products is your makeup kit never without?
“All the essentials: cleanser, cotton tips, disposable wands, brush cleaner, brushes, primer, setting powder, tear-proof eyeshadow primer and neutral eyeshadow shades. Plus pink and peach blush, a variety of lipsticks and foundation shades to suit all skin types. Oh, and individual lashes. I love these as opposed to strip lashes, so they’re always in my kit too.”

What’s the difference between your products and the ones in most brides’ makeup bags?
“My products are professional, extremely concentrated as well as guaranteed to offer long-lasting photographic results. I even use them to apply underwater makeup!”

What are your predictions for hot bridal makeup looks in 2018?
“The trend for smoky shaded eyes – from soft to dramatic tones – is here to stay. Natural-looking skin with noticeable blush and highlighter will also be popular.”

Kylie Eustace

Evernew Studio

Do you offer hair services for brides as well?
“Being a fully qualified hairdresser I like to offer both as I find doing both services is better for time-management for the wedding day.”

Do you travel for weddings?
“Of course!”

Can you accommodate all ethnicities?
“Yes, I most certainly can. All professionals should be able to accommodate all ethnicities.”

Do you offer makeup lessons?
“Yes, I offer group makeup lessons as well as personal makeup lessons.”


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