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Wedding Beauty Tool Must-Haves: Jade and Rose Quartz Face Rollers

Hair + Beauty // by QB

Getting ready for your wedding day? Then you should take a page out of ancient Chinese beauty history and get rolling with a jade or rose quartz face roller. Vogue has called it “The Chinese skin-care tool that will cool, tighten, and depuff your face in seconds,” and for very good reason.

Whether made from jade or rose quartz, these handy hand-held beauty tools have been used since roughly around the 7th century. If there’s any doubt to their effectiveness, take a look at the youthful skin of Chinese women!

We’ve got five very good reasons why you should say “I do” to one of these ultra-now face rollers for your wedding day.

– Sooth your facial muscles

Your wedding day is going to be a day full of smiles. Greeting guests, smiling into the camera, even smiling at each other is going to make your facial muscles sore. Counter that by using your jade roller before you get ready. The massaging motion helps release tension from your facial muscles and pampers them perfectly before the main event.

– Improve blood flow and collagen production

In Chinese culture, jade is used because it symbolizes youth and beauty. Rose quartz was always for symbolizing love. Both bring impeccably improved blood flow in the form of facial rollers because they unleash the qi simply by rolling it across your skin. Toxins flow out while blood circulation flows in. Good circulation is the key to looking your best and most vivacious on your wedding day!

– Drains away negativity

On the day of your wedding, you want to release any negativity away more than any other day. Jade and quartz facial rollers are revered for stimulating your lymphatic system. Under stress, which is common when getting primed for that big day, those fluids can pool up, especially under your eyes. Release them by rolling them away to look and feel your best.

– Cools and depuffs

Puffy eyes have no place walking down the aisle with you. The great thing about these facial rollers is that the naturally cooling touch not only drains away those toxins from your lymphatic system, but they also release fluid retention which defines the contours of your face for a more beautiful appearance.

– Primes skin for better product absorption

Before your makeup artist comes to make sure your makeup is just right, using your jade or quartz face roller will help get your skin ready to absorb your serums and creams. Roll it on between each product for your best results!

Before your special day, make sure you get one of the original crystal face rollers made from the highest quality jade and rose quartz. Indagare has been one of the leading creators of these timeless tools in modern times which will allow you to get that glowing, healthy skin you deserve for your wedding!

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