Bridal beauty lip tips from Australian Skin Clinics

Four bridal beauty tips to ensure soft and kissable lips for your I-do-kiss

Hair + Beauty // by Australian Skin Clinics

Wedding season is upon us once again, meaning it’s time to seal the deal with a kiss. Lips are one of the most important features on our face, as they catch the attention of others and are a symbol of feminine beauty. So, with all eyes on the bride, it’s important to bare soft and kissable lips for the big day!

Whether you’re planning on a classic ‘I do’ peck or just locking lips with your lover, we’ve put together four bridal ‘lip tips’ to ensure your pout is up to the task.

Bridal beauty lip tips from Australian Skin Clinics


Like anywhere on the body, dead skin cells can build up on the lips and begin to pill, which can cause redness and discomfort. Lip scrubs smooth the texture of our lips and leaves them soft and smooth, creating an even base for product to be applied.

For the best results, use a soft-bristle toothbrush or a gentle exfoliating scrub once or twice a week to softly scrubbing off excess skin from the lip’s surface, making them luscious and polished for when you tie the knot. Make sure to also layer your lips with a rich balm before and after your routine to prevent dryness and lock in moisture.


Lip enhancements are quickly becoming one of the most common bridal treatments ahead of the big day, with lip fillers the ‘tweakment’ of choice to deliver a natural and oh-so-perfect plump pout.

Depending on your metabolism and other biological factors, dermal fillers act to restore and boost volume in naturally thin lips for up to six months. While brides-to-be can see instant results with this enhancement, we recommend trialling lip fillers six-months prior to your wedding, with top-ups if necessary, so you can ensure they are perfect for their big moment.

Bridal beauty lip tips from Australian Skin Clinics

Give your lines some love

While all brides want to be picture-perfect, makeup can often enhance our marionette lines when we overly animate our facial expressions. Marionette lines are the folds in the skin that run from our mouth to the chin, commonly known as ‘laugh lines’ and can often make us look older than we are.

The solution? While anti-wrinkle injections are associated with the signs of ageing around your forehead and eyes, they can also be applied to areas around your mouth and chin for a more youthful appearance. Anti-wrinkle treatments contain hyaluronic acid to add volume to facial tissue and relax overactive muscles, making marionette laugh lines appear fainter.

Laser the lip

Even though facial hair is totally normal, if you’re self-conscious of any upper lip ‘peach fuzz’ then a series of laser hair removal treatments six to nine months out from your big day will leave you hair-free and carefree for the first married kiss.

This treatment is typically sought after by clients looking for a more permanent hair removal solution. Depending on your skin and hair type, laser hair removal usually takes 6-17 treatments, at monthly intervals, for best results.