How to create the perfect Confetti toss

How to create the perfect confetti toss + 10 of our faves

Styling // Tips + Advice // by QB

Wedding photo-ops don’t come much better than the confetti toss. Forget pelting the happy couple with rice: the modern moment is now bigger, better and more biodegradable than ever — sans grains. We’ll show you how and when to create your own, including a few top tips from The Whole Bride (home to some very fine confetti).

Which confetti should we choose?

The traditional rice toss may be steeped in tradition, but now there are so many options for that most joyful of just-married moments. From delicate paper hearts and glam metallic disks to freeze-dried rose and hydrangea petals. Good to know? Lighter options will have maximum hang time. 

Look to the style of your celebration when choosing colours as there are shades for every vibe. Just remember, safety (and permission) first. Check with your venue to ensure confetti is allowed in your ceremony area, and consider whether your chosen toss will impact the surrounding environment or create any kind of slip hazard, especially inside. 

Best time to throw confetti

Okay, so when is the best time to get those babies airborne? It’s completely up to you, but most couples wait until after they’ve signed on the dotted line. Your photographer is likely capturing some gorgeous shots then anyway, and it’s easy for guests to gather around and shower you in love and tiny rainbows. Here are three tried-and-true ideas:

  • As you exit the chapel after a church ceremony 
  • For an outdoor ceremony, as you’re walking back down the aisle together
  • During your photocall with your bridal party 

How to ace the moment

One place we can count on for dreamy biodegradable confetti is The Whole Bride. This boutique online store has all the wedding pretties, including loads of confetti made from glutinous rice paper, making it water-soluble and super lightweight (remember: hang time).

We asked Alice from The Whole Bride for her tips on creating the perfect confetti shower.

  • For the perfect confetti toss, we always recommend emptying from the cone into your hand right before exit. Then, throw as high as you possibly can above the happy couple so the confetti floats magically and for as long as possible.

  • If you want the moment to really pop, Confetti Cannons are the BEST! Shooting 6-8m in the air, they create the ultimate wow factor for your first kiss or ceremony announcement. Use a mix of cannons + confetti for the best of both worlds.

  • Confetti Cone Trays are so handy to keep your confetti cones in place and ensure no precious cargo is lost to spills. It’s the most efficient way to hand out confetti to your guests, and you can have it all set up and ready to go. This way, you don’t have to worry about someone filling cones last minute before (or during) the ceremony.

Need more inspiration? Scroll through 10 beautiful confetti-toss moments below:

Alana & Lachlan. Photo: Shae Estella Photo
Blaze & David at Hillview Homestead, photo: Daniel Chafer Photography
Meghann & Brayden, photo: Kirra Smith Photography
Katie & Patrick at Braeside, photo: Green & Wandering Photography
Confetti from The Whole Bride, photo: Ivy Road Photography
Yianna & Bundy, photo: Mezic Studio
Cassandra & Chris at Preston Peak, Dan Vonhoff Photography
Sarah & Thorne at Osteria. Photo: Jessica Guy Photography
Florals & styling: Ivy & Bleu at Braeside with confetti from The Whole Bride. Photo: Pipi & Palm
Arabella & Jarryd, photo: Figtree Pictures